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   Chapter 143 The Truth Being Delayed By Seven Years

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Many people were not satisfied by her attitude, but when Nicole looked at the hand holding her shoulder, she knew that Kerr was very satisfied.

She could never please everybody, so she just needed to turn her focus to caring for Kerr and Jay.

"Room 1001, Hale Hotel."

Seeing the leisurely expression on Nicole's face, Sven frowned slightly, but his calm was a pretense only.

When Kerr heard the name of the hotel, he was taken aback. With his head slightly tilted, he noticed that the woman in his arms was laughing secretly. All of a sudden, an idea stirred in his mind.

Considering this possibility, Kerr's breathing became irregular. Perhaps because of such a long anticipation, for the first time ever, he was a little nervous.

"It's you!"

He constantly tightened his arm around Nicole's shoulder.


Seeing the surprised look on Kerr's face, Nicole muttered in a low voice but couldn't help forming a subtle grin on her lips. It was a tense scene, but they weren't concerned at all.

When Nicole spoke, she looked past Sven and saw Fiona and Gregory standing behind him.

"It's a pity. After I got drunk that night, Miss Zhao took me to Room 1101."

With a guilty conscience, Fiona stepped back, and her expression became unnatural. She blamed herself for everything that had gone wrong in the past. Otherwise, she would never have gotten into such a big mess today.

Holding Fiona's arm, Gregory stepped forward to point at Nicole while shaking with righteous indignation.

"Don't talk nonsense! I saw you walk into Mr. Tang's room with my own eyes!"

Moore took a step back and stood behind Kelvin, who shielded his body. Fortunately, everyone's attention was focused on Nicole now, so no one noticed him move.

He flipped open the phone in his hand and edited a short message. Then he sent it and straightened, but his spirits were at an all-time low. The three

the show.

After a long time, Kerr released Nicole. He raised his hand and with an elegant gesture, tidied up her tangled hair for her.


When Nicole breathlessly opened her eyes, she saw the lipstick stain on the corner of Kerr's lips. She stretched out her finger and gently wiped the red smudges away for him.

"As a mother, you should behave yourself with more composure in public. Otherwise, it might affect your child's development,"

Freya wore a serious expression as she reproachfully said, looking at Nicole.

When Kerr heard his mother's voice, he turned to look at her, and his eyes were pools filled with a strange mix of emotions and also hesitation.

"Thanks for your advice, Mrs. Gu. I know how to raise my son."

Nicole hadn't determined Freya's meaning. When she had met her last time, she had believed that Freya would support her being with Kerr.

But judging by Freya's attitude now, she realized that it was impossible to get her support.

"A family is very important for a child's maturation. Miss Ning, you should be aware of that. But as far as I know, the past memory between you and Kerr is long gone, and you should focus on your child."

Freya withdrew a few pieces of paper from her bag and handed these to Nicole.

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