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   Chapter 142 The Hidden Surprise

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Nicole was reminded of the threat from Kelvin that day, so she had to be cautious.

Now she felt like her neck was grabbed by someone, and her breath was restricted. At this moment, she just wanted to see Jay safe and sound, and perhaps she shouldn't have allowed him to leave her sight.

Kerr put his arm around Nicole's shoulder and tried to reassure her. He brought her to the lounge.

Kelvin stepped forward and opened the door for Kerr and Nicole. The door closed off the music after everyone went in.

The room, though called a lounge, was actually like a small banquet room.


When Jay saw Nicole coming, he jumped out of Harley's arms and ran towards her with his short legs.


Nicole bent down and held her son in her arms, grateful. She looked at Kerr who was with her and thought that as long as Jay was safe and sound, she would fear nothing.

This time, she had to make an effort to strive for her happiness. This time, it was not only her own business, but the happiness of the three of them was in her hands.

"Jay, come here."

Kerr reached out his hand and took Jay over. Jay was heavier now. Obviously it was hard for Nicole to hold Jay. Kerr held Jay in one arm, the other hand holding Nicole's.

For the first time in his life, he felt as if he had the whole world.

"Nicole, long time no see!"

A man in a navy blue suit came out from a corner of the lounge, his eyes fixed on Nicole, and he slowly walked towards her.

"Sir, do we know each other?"

Slightly frowning, Nicole looked at the strange man in front of her and then looked back at Fiona Zhao and Gregory Song who were standing behind her, her eyes full of vigilance.

She held Kerr's hand even tighter unconsciously.

"Nicole, you gave birth to our baby without me knowing it. He is growing up.

, in his heart, he would never doubt their hard won relationship.


Nicole stood on her toes and kissed him in front of everyone.

She only wanted to care about those important people, and for those unimportant people, she didn't have to spend energy to think about them.

Nicole turned her head to meet the eyes of Mr. Tang.

"Are you Mr. Tang? You said that I climbed into your bed for money seven years ago. So how much did you give me at that time, Mr. Tang? Where did I sleep with you? "

If she had not woken up that morning and seen the small black mole on the man's earlobe, she would have doubted it. But now, no one could deceive her by the thing that night.

"Don't you remember? I'll never forget that I've fallen in love with you since that night. I wanted to ask you to be my woman, but the next morning you just left because of some finance problem. "

With a hint of disappointment on his face, Sven Tang shook his head.

"Mr. Tang didn't answer my question. Don't tell me that Mr. Tang couldn't remember that night?"

Nicole rested her head on Kerr's shoulder as if she was having a rest.

As Nicole was doing so, she obviously felt that the temperature in the room dropped.

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