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   Chapter 141 The Celebration Banquet

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For Kerr, he already had the whole world, thanks to Nicole.

After a score of melodious piano music, Kerr took Nicole's hand, leading her to finish the last round. She bent over slightly and bowed to Kerr with a happy smile forming on her face.

Hand in hand, Kerr went straight to the stage and surveyed everyone present, a firm look embedded in his eyes.

"Thank you all for attending the celebration party of our company today. Our company has outshone the competition in the bidding. The credit is due to Nicole Ning, standing beside me.

I'm overjoyed that the Gu Group has a talent like Director Ning."

Kerr flashed a smile at Nicole next to him.

The area filled with the thunder of applause.

Nicole's face had reddened slightly, but she did not seek to avoid Kerr's hot eyes.

She knew that as long as she stayed with Kerr, she would often find herself in this kind of situation in the future. She couldn't let others feel that she behaved impertinently, because from now on, she would no longer only represent herself.


Kerr raised his hand, signaling everyone to silence.

"I have another private matter to divulge to you all. Nicole is no longer only the director of the Gu Group, but she is now also my fiancee. I could not miss out on the opportunity of the celebration banquet today. So, I will now officially propose to her."

He turned around, facing Nicole with a deep intent in his eyes. While everyone was still too shocked to do anything, he pulled out a ring from his pocket and held it up in front of her.

"Kerr... You?"

While the people present were caught off guard, Nicole also did not expect that Kerr's announcement of her role in the bidding would end in a marriage proposal.

"Nicole, are you willing to marry me and be my wife?"

Kerr took a step back, but as he was about to bend and kneel down, he heard a disruption from the entrance.

"Mr. Gu, Uncle Kelvin is here."

With an unfamiliar panic on his face, Jared walked up to Kerr.

Hearing the panic in his voice, Kerr stopped an

, but she didn't want him to stand in conflict with the Gu family because of her. After all, the Gu family's attitude had obviously been made clear. This was a public event, and there were too many people present, so she couldn't let the Gu family become a laughing stock.

"Master, His Lordship is waiting for you in the lounge."

As Kelvin passed Jack's message to Kerr, he cast a meaningful glance at Nicole, who was still standing beside Kerr.

"Brother, let's go and see Dad together."

Moore winked at the host, who was overwhelmed by this situation, and then he fixed his eyes on Kerr.

The host immediately came to his senses and began speaking of other things. Kerr took Nicole's hand and helped her from the stage.

He did not intend to go see Jack. He already knew what Jack wanted to say to him. Kerr's public proposal to Nicole had been ruined, so he intended to just leave here with her.

Nicole decided to remain silent, leaving it up to Kerr to decide what to do.

"Master Kerr, you'd better go and see your father. Mr. Su as well as Miss Ning's son are also in the lounge."

Seeing that Kerr intended to leave, Kelvin had no choice but to use Jay as a way to prevent him from leaving.

Hearing this, Nicole immediately stopped, released Kerr's hand, and turned to look at the man in front of her with wide eyes.

"What have you done to Jay?"

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