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   Chapter 140 You Are The Center Of My Life

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Imperceptibly, the lives of Nicole, Kerr and Jay were connected together.

"I know, and I will be extra careful for you. Kerr, do you think that my meeting with your mother today means that Gu family has known my existence, and they will not accept me, right?"

In fact, she had known that since yesterday. She just didn't want to face it. Now she had to.

"That's their business. It has nothing to do with you and me. I only want you. I'm also what you want, right?"

Kerr straightened his shirt and said in a determined tone.

"It's easier said than done. But I don't want you to get mad at your family because of me. They may understand later."

She still had a hope in her heart. In the world, parents always think for their children, so when the Gu family saw their sincerity, she believed that they would accept her.

Kerr didn't contradict Nicole. Although she might be a bit simple minded on this matter, he wanted her to be as simple as she could.

She might be happier with her current state of mind.

There were still some work to be dealt with in the company, so Kerr sent Nicole and Jay to the hotel where the celebration banquet was located to have a rest. Then he returned to the Gu Group.

"Master, the celebration party has been ready and we haven't got the news from the Gu's mansion. In general, My Lord won't attend such kind of party. You can rest assured, master."

Jared reported the progress of the banquet to Kerr.

"Today, I'll let everyone know that Nicole is my woman and the future hostess of the Gu Group."

Though Kerr knew that Nicole didn't care about this, to have her stand beside him openly would give her the most respect.

The night fell and there were some stars in the sky. Nicole had already changed into the dress

y step to the front of Nicole as the music went on.

Reaching out his left hand, he bent over slightly and made a gesture of invitation to Nicole.


She could feel that everyone's attention was focused on her, which made her a little nervous. But before she could say anything, Kerr had already held her hand.

Kerr stepped forward and held her waist with his right hand. With a melodious tune, he took her to the center of the dance floor and the opening dance started.

"Don't be nervous. Just follow my steps,"

He looked at Nicole with gentle eyes and a slight smile as if he was holding the best thing in the world in his arms.

"How could you appear in front of me in such a way?"

Before Kerr showed up, she had been a little worried. But when she saw him standing in front of her, all her worries were gone.

She knew that Kerr wouldn't leave her alone, so she followed him. She gave her whole heart to Kerr and let him lead her to the most beautiful dance step.

"I want everyone to know that you are my heart from now on."

With a proud voice, he clasped the arm that was holding Nicole's waist and let her cling to him. He whispered in her ear.

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