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   Chapter 139 Reveal The Identity

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"Mrs. Gu, Master will understand you one day."

In the car, Cherry comforted Freya. She also knew that the misunderstanding between Kerr and Freya would not be eliminated in a day or two.


Although Freya was upset, she would not blame Kerr. It was also her failure as a mother who did not give enough care and love to Kerr, so he was not so close to her.

She felt relieved when she figured it out. That was why she wanted to try her best to make it up.

After Freya left, the expression on Kerr's face gradually softened. His hand that was holding Nicole's also loosened unconsciously, and for a moment it seemed to be relaxed.

"Kerr, are you okay?"

Nicole reached out and held Kerr's hand, with obvious worry on her face.

"Don't mind what she said. It's my business to choose you. It has nothing to do with anyone else. I would not let Jay leave us either.

Kerr reached out to hold Nicole in his arms. Since his secret was exposed to his family, he didn't want to hide anymore. He wanted everyone to know that Nicole was his woman.

Maybe this was the best way to protect her.

"Don't be so nervous, Kerr. I don't think your mother wants me to leave you. She is just testing me."

From beginning to end, Freya Qin was very polite to Nicole. In comparison to the threat of the man yesterday, Freya did not put too much pressure on Nicole.

So she didn't mind the appearance of Freya too much. After all, she had decided to be with Kerr, which meant that she would face the Gu family sooner or later.

"Tonight, I will announce your identity in the banquet. I won't let you get hurt."

There was confidence in his tone.

When Nicole looked up at the serious face of Kerr, she wanted to say something but hesitated. In the end, she acquiesced in his decision. Maybe this was the best solution.

They wa

ds, the anger on Kerr's face became more obvious. He turned his head, and reached out to press Nicole on the back seat of the car.

"Nicole, do you know how dangerous it is? Do you know that I will be so worried about you? Do you think that I can accept the consequence of your car accident? "

He couldn't accept the fact that she didn't care at all. Even though he knew that she didn't do it on purpose, he couldn't accept it.

"Are you mad at me for that? I know you are worried about me. In fact, I didn't mean to do that. Alright, don't be angry. I know you care about me. I promise I will never put myself in such a dangerous situation. Okay? "

Nicole raised her hand and fondled Kerr's side face with a gentle smile. In fact, she could understand the fear of loss, just like the night she was worried about losing Kerr.

When he saw the softness of Nicole, the rage on Kerr's face finally dissipated a little. He loosened his grip on her and stared at her, pretending to be serious.

"There is no next time. I will never let you face any danger alone."

It seemed that since he met with Nicole, Kerr had a weakness and couldn't accept any accidents on her, because what she carried was not only the life of her own.

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