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   Chapter 137 May Never Come Back

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Especially now, Jay was still with her.

"Someone wants to see you. Lady Ning, please come with me."

Cherry lowered her head and looked at the little boy behind Nicole, with a soft look in her eyes.

Nicole drew back a little, turned around and squatted beside Jay. She approached his ear and said in a low voice, "Wait a minute. Mommy will catch this aunt and then you will run back to the hospital to look for Dr. Su. Do you understand?"

Although she knew there must be a lot of people hiding in the surrounding, she still wanted to have a try. She didn't care about it. Now that Jay had just recovered, he couldn't afford it.

Jay looked at Cherry behind Nicole and then fixed his eyes on the black Rolls Royce behind her. Finally, he looked at Nicole and nodded.

Nicole raised her hand to fondle Jay's hair, stood up and said to Cherry, "Didn't we reach the deadline tomorrow? I have one day left to solve something."

She attempted to attract Cherry's attention and silently let go of Jay's hand from the back. Then she made a gesture to him.

Jay saw the gesture of Nicole and ran to the hospital.


Looking at Jay who was escaping, Cherry wanted to stop him, but she was grabbed by Nicole on the arm and watched him run back to the hospital.

"I tell you, though the Gu family is powerful, you can do whatever you want to me. I chose to be with Kerr, it has nothing to do with Jay. If you dare to hurt him, I will not let you go even if I die."

Nicole grabbed Cherry's arm, staring at her face and threatening her.

Under her protection, nobody can touch Jay.

"Miss Ning, you may have misunderstood us. It's just that my lady wants to have a talk with you. It's not as serious as you said."

Cherry was surprised to hear Nicole's words, but soon she understood the reason why she was so nervous was that she was afraid th

was the first time for him to see a woman caught Freya's attention.

"I know. Jay, can you wait for mommy in the car?"

Nicole was afraid that the mother of Kerr would say something bad and hurt Jay.


Jay nodded obediently.

Nicole took a deep breath and got out of the car, walking towards the coffee house. Cherry was waiting for her at the door of a private room. When she saw Nicole, she opened the door for her.

Walking into the private room, Nicole saw a woman sitting on a chair. She had exquisite makeup on her face, wearing a dark gray cheongsam, and a cape with the same pattern, making her noble and outstanding.

"Hello, Mrs. Gu."

Nicole nodded slightly to Freya. There was no panic on her face, but a very respectful attitude.

Raising her head, Freya looked carefully at the girl in front of her. Wearing a beautiful dress, she looked neat, and her delicate features could still be stunning even without makeup.

Her big and smart eyes seemed to have the ability to talk. No wonder Kerr was so infatuated with her. There was an expression of understanding in Freya's eyes.

"Have a seat."

Freya motioned for Nicole to sit opposite to her.

Nicole nodded and sat down. She was a little nervous.

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