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   Chapter 136 The Girl Favored By Kerr

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"Really? Kerr knows what he is doing all the time. He isn't a person without sense of propriety. "

Of course, Freya knew that the woman mentioned by Sunny was Nicole, but she didn't think that Kerr was a man who would be cheated by others.

Since he was a little kid, Kerr was cleverer than other kids. That was why he was designated the heir of Gu Group when he was still a little boy.

"Of course, Kerr is not a person without sense of propriety. I know he has always been serious about the affairs of the Gu Group. But this time is different. Auntie Qin, look, I have tried every means to get it."

Sunny took out a file bag from her handbag, and then handed a stack of paper and several photos to Freya.

"It never occurred to me that Director Ning would betray the company's interests. Before the bidding, someone had seen that she had been in touch with the CEO of the Fang company several times."

"What's more, Director Ning behaved strangely on the day of the bidding. I don't think she would like the Gu Group to get this project. She was schoolmate with Baron Fang and they had been together for seven years. It's said that they had a child."

"It's him. The mother of Baron didn't accept Nicole or Jay. But I didn't expect that the kid looks like Kerr."

Freya picked up the photo on the table and looked at the child's face.

She had suspected long before that this child might be Kerr's. After all, this child resembles him very much.

"He resembles Kerr somewhat. Maybe..."

Before Freya could finish her sentence, Sunny interrupted her.

"I had doubted before with what Auntie said since Kerr had many girlfriends and it was inevitable to make mistakes, but I've found someone to get their DNA test results, which are here."

"This kid has nothing to do with Kerr."

Looking at Freya's expressionless face, Freya felt uneasy in her hea

e did not need to know a person through others' mouth.

"Yes, madam."

Cherry answered her. Then she drove a black Rolls Royce to the hospital belonging to the Gu Group.

"My lady, it is said that lady Ning is in hospital now. Shall I take her here?"

Cherry turned her head to look at Freya and asked for her opinion.

"She came out."

Freya looked at Nicole who had just walked out of the hospital, and a little boy beside her.

Compared to the pictures, the real image of Jay was more exactly the same as that of Kerr. When Freya looked at the little figure, there was a little obsession and guilt in her eyes.

"I will invite them here."

Following her sight, Cherry opened the door and got off the car.

"Miss Ning, please wait."

Cherry trotted to Nicole and stood in front of her.

When she heard the voice, Nicole saw Cherry walking towards her. When she looked at the mature woman in front of her, she looked a little curious, because in her impression, she didn't know the woman in front of her.

"What can I do for you?"

Subconsciously, Nicole held Jay's hand and let him hide behind her.

Since Nicole had been taught a lesson last time, she was now very worried that someone would suddenly approach them.

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