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   Chapter 133 Common Memory

My CEO Daddy By Ning Le Characters: 6099

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"For example, death, birth, accident, most of the time, what we can do is to accept it silently."

These things were usually out of people's control, so there was no need to mind too much.

"I know. What about you? What were you thinking when I fell asleep? "

When Nicole calmed down, she remembered what had happened in the room just now.

She had never seen such a frustrated Kerr. With his identity and status, it was impossible for him to be embarrassed or upset.

"Nothing. I haven't forgotten what you promised me in the office today."

Kerr changed the topic directly.

He didn't want Nicole to know about the Gu family. As she couldn't solve his problem, he didn't want her to worry with him.

Hearing his words, Nicole remembered what happened in the office, and her face became reddish. She turned and looked out of the window, pretending not to hear him, but she felt sweet in her heart.

It seemed that she was no longer afraid of the bitter past as long as she was with Kerr.

Kerr didn't bring Nicole to the hospital but directly drove to the villa of Ning family.

"I know there is the entire life you have in the past. Although I haven't participated in your past, I can take you back to the past, and you can tell me bit by bit."

Joint hands with Kerr, Nicole went back into the villa. This time, she didn't feel sad, a smile appeared on her mouth.

"Okay, I'll tell you my past."

She took Kerr to the second floor and pushed her bedroom open. Looking at the familiar scene, she felt as if she had returned to seven years ago.

It was just that the family had been full of laughters seven years ago, but now there were only she and Kerr were here.

But luckily, there was a man who would like to accompany her, which made her less lonely.

"This is what I looked l

o Nicole. It was abnormal.

"No, Mrs. Gu and Mr. Gu are in a stalemate."

Said Jared.

"Wait for me outside."

As soon as he pushed the door open, he saw Nicole turning over and opening her eyes.

"Why don't you sleep a little longer?"

Walking to the side of Nicole, Kerr raised his hand to stroke her side face. Obviously, she looked a little tired.

"You didn't sleep, did you? Should we go to the company? The result of the bidding has come out. We are going to start preparing the new project. "

She sat up and looked at him carefully. Now that he didn't admit her resignation and she was going to be with him, she couldn't let him down.

"It doesn't matter. You can sleep a little longer and it's not late to go to work tomorrow. As usual, the Gu Group will hold a celebration party tonight and you have to attend."

Tonight belonged to Nicole. Kerr wanted her to be his pride and wanted everyone to see a perfect Nicole. Every time he thought that this excellent woman would always be with him, he felt extremely satisfied.

"Well, I'll go to the hospital to see Jay. He should be able to leave the hospital now. I want to take him back here."

For her, this was where she belonged.

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