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   Chapter 130 I Will Never Accept A Woman Who Abandoned Me And Left

My CEO Daddy By Ning Le Characters: 6250

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"Isn't it that you should propose to me?"

Nicole turned to look at Kerr, with dissatisfaction and doubt in her eyes.

"You want me to propose now? Okay, as you wish. "

With his eyes fixed on her, Kerr held her shoulders and before he could bend his knees, Nicole stopped him.

"I was just kidding. Do you take it seriously?"

When Nicole saw the action of Kerr, she was surprised. Before Kerr knelt down on one knee, she stretched out her hand and grabbed his arm to stop him from doing that.

The moment Kerr sank, Nicole sensed there was something wrong with her heart rate.

She didn't expect that Kerr really wanted to marry her. It was exactly what she expected, but she couldn't be happy when she thought of what happened this morning.

Kerr stood straight, watching the melancholy on Nicole's face. There was an expression of understanding in his eyes. He was waiting for her to speak, but his intuition told him that she would definitely act tough herself in silence.

A sudden ring broke the peace between them.

Taking his phone out of his pocket, Kerr looked at the screen and pressed the answer button.

"What is it?"

Head tilted to one side, Nicole gazed at Kerr. But she couldn't hear his voice because she heard nothing but the sea breeze.

She didn't know what the other party said on the other side of the line but she saw Kerr hang up the phone immediately.

"Which do you want to hear first, good or bad?"

Kerr made a mystery of it.

"The bad one."

Nicole had got used to taking bad things first. Only in this way can she enjoy the good one.

"You will be very tired in the following days."

But it wasn't a bad thing for him to have Nicole with him all the time. Maybe the best way to keep her with him was to ask her to stay in the Ning Group.

"What is the good news?"

In fact, Nicole had a g

was not easy to get rid of Gu family.

Kerr took Nicole back to the hospital and had dinner with Jay. They played with him for a while and coaxed him to sleep before leaving his ward.

When Nicole closed the door of Jay's ward, she looked exhausted.

"Are you tired?"

Holding Nicole's hand, Kerr asked thoughtfully.

"I'm fine."

Nicole walked towards her own ward. Although she was able to leave the hospital, Jay still needed to be observed for some time. So it would be more convenient for them to stay in the hospital.

Kerr raised his wrist and looked at his watch, a triumphant smile on his face.

"Let me take you to a place."

He held Nicole's hand and walked out of the hospital.

Not knowing what was going on, Nicole followed Kerr who seemed a little different today. He seemed to hide a lot of surprises and wanted to give them to her.

Sitting in the car, Nicole leaned her head against the door and closed her eyes. Unconsciously, she had fallen asleep. Until the car stopped slowly, she was still unconscious.

Sitting in the driver's seat, Kerr looked at the sleeping face of his woman, smiled lightly, opened the door and got out of the car. Kim was already standing by the car and waiting for him.

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