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   Chapter 124 how much did he worth

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There was no fear in Nicole's tone.

She knew that she should be the first to take the initiative, and she couldn't allow others to look down upon her, but only her heart knew how scared she was. She might lose her easily.

"Miss Ning, you are indeed an unusual woman. You are so calm under such circumstances. No wonder you make Master fall in love with you so deeply."

Kelvin spoke calmly and then invited Nicole to have a seat.

"Miss Ning, please sit down. Don't worry. If I really want to hurt you, you can't live till now."

Hearing that, Nicole walked towards the sofa and sat opposite to him.

She knew what he said was right, at least until now the man in front of her hadn't done anything bad to her, but she still couldn't take it lightly.

"Your Master? You are from the Gu family? "

When Nicole saw the surroundings and saw the people standing in the room, the truth immediately dawned on her.

"Miss Ning, you're clever. In this case, I'd better not beat about the bush with you."

Kelvin raised his hand. The man in black who stood behind Nicole put the tray in his hand on the table in front of Nicole.

"Miss Ning, there is a check on which no amount is written. You can write as you like."

Nicole didn't touch the check, but looked at Kelvin sitting opposite her with clear eyes.

"There is no such thing as a free lunch. What do you want?"

She never believed that there would be pennies from heaven, and all the good things came with a corresponding price.

"It is effective to talk with Miss Ning. My condition is very simple. Take the check and leave Master. You can go to any place you want to go. I will arrange it for you."

Kelvin knew that few people in the world could be tempted by money, which was also the most direct way. As long as Nicole left with money, Kerr would also be disappoin

anted to let her know that the situation in the Gu family was not something that she could solve alone.

There are only two ways for you to solve this problem, Miss Ning. One is to take the check and leave here, cutting off any contact with Master, and the other is to disappear in the world with Jay.

A black pistol was put on the table by Kelvin, which made a loud sound.

When she heard the sound of "clap", Nicole was shocked. Seeing that Kelvin was so serious, she took a deep breath, walked to the table and picked up the check.

"I need three days. I don't want to do things sloppily. I need time to deal with it."

Nicole held the check in her hands and made a decision calmly.

"I can only give you two days. In the morning two days later, a car will be sent to pick you and Jay up. I hope you can keep your promise, or I have many ways to make you regret."

"In this world, except life and money, one can compromise on everything," Kelvin warned.

"I know what to do."

With a grim face, Nicole left the villa. The black commercial car stopped at the gate of the hospital, and after she got off, it left.

Watching the car drift away, Nicole let out a sigh of relief, but she couldn't completely relax.

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