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   Chapter 120 Be Responsible For His Deed

My CEO Daddy By Ning Le Characters: 6349

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"What's up?"

Sitting next to Jay, Kerr was thinking about Nicole. He wondered what Baron would talk with her.

Seeing that Kerr's mind was totally on his mommy, Jay said, "You should give mommy a little more time to say goodbye to Uncle Fang. Mommy has told me that she had a difficult labor when I was born. At that time, it was very dangerous for mommy to have a baby. Uncle Fang sent her to the hospital in time, so there can be a cute Jay."

"That's why Mommy is so grateful to Uncle Fang. But she doesn't like Uncle Fang, so you may rest assured."

The reason why Jay told this to Kerr was that he hoped Kerr would cherish Nicole. She wasn't the one who told this to him. He got to know it when he overheard Nicole talking to Baron.

"Your teacher told me that you are very talented in computer and you are building a system by yourself?"

Then, Kerr cast a glance at the screen on which Jay's laptop was displayed. He had heard that Jay had extraordinary talent, and now looking at his masterpiece, he also had a new appraisal of this kid in front of him.

He admitted that when he heard that Nicole had given birth to Jay with such hardships, he felt shocked and determined to protect her for the rest of her life.

But he would keep that in mind.

"I knew he would betray me."

Jay closed the laptop in his hand.

There was a childish tone in his tone, and he was a little angry. When he accidentally exposed his strength in a PK, the teacher found something.

But he also knew that the person who could be a teacher in such a special school was not a simple one.

"Nicole must not know these things about you. How many secrets have you hidden? The email that I received is from you. And you were the one who sneaked into the Gu Group and stirred up trouble, weren't you? "

Although it was just his guess, it was proved by the slightly surprised expression on

cole in it, which made him feel warm. He once saw a girl's face like this more than twenty years ago.

"Is this woman still in the Gu Group?"

He would not allow Kerr to have a woman in the company, nor would he allow Kerr to concentrate on a woman. It was not an emotion that a qualified family leader should have.

"Yes. She is a director of the project department. She is capable. The young master gave the project of the Gu Group to her. And she did a good job bidding meeting held yesterday."

Kelvin replied to Jack. He saw that she was very good at the project she was in charge of. She doesn't seem to be a new graduate.

"Shut up! He even gave such an important project to a woman whose background he had no idea about. "

Jack slammed his hand on the desk with a look of disappointment and anger on his face. He knew that Kerr was obsessed with this woman called Nicole, but he did not expect it to become so serious.

It was because of this woman that Kerr suddenly regretted his marriage. He wouldn't let Kerr repeat his mistakes and let him put all his heart and soul into this woman.

When Kerr was a child, he had been training him in accordance with the master of his family. He was very disappointed with Kerr's current performance.

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