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   Chapter 116 The Reward For You

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"Tell me what you know."

Avery came to the hospital early in the morning to inform Nicole, but she didn't expect that she hadn't recovered yet.

Nicole became excited. Except for the background of Jay, this was her biggest concern.

"Don't worry. I just has a clue. In fact, the Ning Group had cooperated with the Gu Group before, but rumor has it that the Gu Group suddenly withdrew capital at the last signature."

"No agreement has been reached. But your father has put a lot of efforts in it. With the withdrawal of the Gu Group, all the previous preparations of the Ning Group are in vain."

"It's just a rumor, which can't be confirmed yet. Now that Kerr is by your side, do you want to ask him? Maybe he knows some inside story. "

As soon as her words came out, Avery regretted it. After all, Nicole and Kerr had just fallen in love. If the bankruptcy of the Ning Group really had something to do with Kerr, wouldn't she be trapped in a dilemma then.

"Nicole... Maybe, this is just a rumor. "

Hearing her words, Nicole felt her heart sank. She was silent for a long time.

"I see. After I leave the hospital, I will check it out by myself. Don't tell anyone about this. Thank you, Avery."

No matter what the truth was, before she got the evidence, she would not put all the blame on Kerr indiscriminately.

She wanted evidence.

"You little fool, don't say thanks to me."

Avery glared at Nicole.

Outside the ward.

"You see, the reports that was going to release have become a blank. The media is not going to open the sunroof. Apparently, it is someone who has blocked the news. Moreover, it happened last night."

Ken handed him the laptop with a surprised look.

He had planned to do that, but obviously someone was faster than him.

"You didn't do that?

intment with my beloved woman today. All right, I have to go now. I'm going to be late."

After checking the watch, he turned around and walked out of the hospital.

Looking at the back of Harley, Harrow was slightly relieved. However, he should have told Harley something but he did not say it.

In the ward.

"Well, since Mr. Kerr is back, I won't bother you. Nicole, call me if anything happens. I'm leaving."

Avery stood up and said goodbye to her.

As she passed by Kerr, she nodded slightly at him.

"I hope you can take good care of Nicole. Maybe she will give you a surprise."

There was a hint of slyness in her eyes.

After he heard what she said, Kerr nodded. He walked to Nicole and put his palm on her forehead, feeling that the temperature from the palm had returned to normal.

He was relieved and sat beside her.

"Have you solved the issue in the mountain?"

Asked Nicole, looking at the gentle eyes of Kerr.

She didn't forget what Jared said last night. A matter that could attract so much attention from Kerr couldn't be easily solved.

And if it was really like what Jared had said that she had caused the whole thing, she couldn't pretend not to know.

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