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   Chapter 115 The Comet Hits The Earth

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In the ward, Jay was watching the video on his laptop screen. With a satisfied smile in his eyes, he typed the keyboard with his little hands. His fingers were unusually flexible.

The next moment, the screen stopped on an entertainment website. Jay typed on the keyboard, and in just a few minutes, all the content that was about to be released had disappeared.

He edited an e-mail and sent it to Kerr in an anonymous way. Jay closed his laptop and put it on the night table. Then he lay back on the bed and closed his eyes.


Early in the morning, Avery Lin gently pushed the door open with a bouquet of flowers in her hand and called out the name of Nicole, but there was only the little figure of Jay on the large bed.

She walked quietly to Jay and tucked him. Then she tiptoed out of the room.

"Miss Lin, so early?"

If not receiving the phone call from Kerr, Harley would not have just slept for three hours and got up now. It seemed that as long as Nicole woke up, there was no one in Kerr's eyes.

"Good morning, Dr. Su."

Hearing the voice, Avery turned around and saw the casual look on Harley's face.

"Didn't you sleep well, Dr. Su?"

"If I tell you that I didn't sleep well because I missed you, Miss Lin, do you believe me?"

With his eyes full of tenderness, Harley stared at Avery.

"Yes, I do. Why not? If I don't believe you, does it mean that I'm not confident enough? "

Avery had met a lot of handsome men. Even though the man's face was fascinating, she would not be captivated by his sweet talks.

The admiration in Harley's eyes was strong.

"Master, Mr. Kerr is urging you to go to the emergency room now."

Harrow came out of the emergency room and saw that Harley and Avery were talking and laughing. His eyes flashed a glimmer of complex emotions.

"Miss Lin, you can come with us

you? "

It never occurred to Avery that she would meet Nicole in the emergency room this morning.

"There was an accident, but it's all right."

No matter how many setbacks Nicole had experienced in the process, as long as the result was good, she was willing to accept it.

"I'm glad to hear that. Now that you have Kerr Gu protecting you, I can rest assured. When are you going to tell him about Jay? Will he be happy to marry you right away? "

She could even imagine how surprised and thrilled Kerr must be when he knew Jay's identity.

"I haven't decided yet. Let's find a right time."

In fact, what Kerr had touched her the most was that he would accept Jay without knowing his identity. But for this, she would not accept Kerr.

Nicole wanted Kerr to love her dearly, but she didn't want him to love her because of the existence of Jay.

"Well, that's right. In fact, I came here today for another thing."

Avery looked in the direction of the door subconsciously and lowered her voice.

"I have found some clues about the past, but we still need to confirm it now. You'd better take good care of yourself, and maybe we can follow the clues to find the truth this time."

Avery just got the news yesterday.

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