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   Chapter 114 Throw Herself Into The Net

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"Don't be afraid. I'm here."

Kerr held the shivering little woman in his arms tightly and doted on her as he lightly leaned against Nicole's head.

He reached for a dry towel and wiped the long hair of Nicole. Then he extended his hand to the uniform of Nicole. When he was about to unbutton her shirt, she stopped him.

"Don't be like this. There's someone outside."

She held his hand, blushing.

It was still windy and rain outside the car, but inside it was a warm room.

The crazy action that night came to her mind, and she was a little worried. After all, there were a lot of people outside now.

"What are you thinking about? I just want you to take off your wet clothes. You just had an operation. Although it was a little injury, you should take care of yourself. If you get sick, what can I do? "

He looked at her tenderly with a snicker in his eyes.

"Nicole, what were you thinking about just now?"

Hearing what Kerr said, Nicole was slightly stunned and then wished to bite her tongue. She lowered her head and avoided eye contact with him.


She didn't want to throw herself into Kerr's net. She wouldn't admit it.

Nicole sat up and backed away, keeping a distance away from Kerr. But Kerr would never let her go so easily.

Kerr picked up Nicole and put her on his lap. Then he cupped her little face in his hands.

"How can I let you down since you ask for it?"

There was no trace of joking in his tone. His warm palm slid from Nicole's chin to her neck and then slowly reached to her.

"I didn't ask for anything!"

Nicole held his hand and tried to stop him, but when she felt Kerr's stiff body, she knew that it was too late.

There was no time for her to stop Kerr's

e was held tightly by her and he squatted in front of her.

"Take care."

Kerr spoke in a calm tone. Now, when Nicole held his hand, she was like a drowning woman clutched at a straw.

When the car arrived at the gate of the hospital, Kerr directly picked up Nicole and rushed to the emergency room. After Harley was taken out of the dream by Jared, he was directly pushed into the emergency room.

"I went into the emergency room twice a day. It's really the right time for me to come back."

While giving a check-up to Nicole, Harley intended to tease Kerr.

But he saw Kerr had his eyes fixed on Nicole and ignored him, so he had to shut his mouth.

"Don't worry. It's just a little fever. She was injected with antipyretic injection. After her fever is gone, she will be fine."

Seeing the look on Kerr's face, Harley couldn't help shaking his head and walking out of the emergency room.

Through the whole morning, Kerr had been quietly standing beside her, even not having the time to change his wet clothes.

He wanted Nicole to see him when she woke up so she wouldn't be afraid. Only by looking at her like this would he feel at ease.

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