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   Chapter 113 Who Allowed You To Come Here

My CEO Daddy By Ning Le Characters: 6044

Updated: 2020-03-11 18:17

Hearing what Jared said, Nicole raised her head. The rain directly hit her face. She had to try to open her eyes. Her hand reached out, only to touch a warm chest.

Before she could react, a pair of warm hands grabbed her hand. With a little strength, she felt that she was held into the arms.

When Nicole was about to push him away, she sensed a familiar smell that only belonged to Kerr. She held him tightly on his waist.

"Miss Ning!"

Feeling Nicole rushing out, Jared couldn't help screaming. When he stepped forward, he found Kerr and shut up.

"Who allowed you to come here?"

Kerr took off his suit jacket and covered it on head of Nicole. Even in the darkness, he could see her eyes clearly. Just now when he hugged her, he had felt that she was wet from the rain.

He couldn't figure out how she came here in such bad weather.


Leaning in Kerr's arms, Nicole wanted to say something, but once she open her mouth, she could feel that wind and rain poured in from her mouth, which made her very uncomfortable.

Before she didn't see Kerr, Nicole had the faith that supported her to walk towards Kerr step by step. But when she saw Kerr, she suddenly felt an imbalance of the body.

She had no choice but to reach out and tightly grasp Kerr's clothes so as not to fall down.

"Keep silent."

Kerr put Nicole in his arms and held her up. The light of their car was flickering not far away, so he carried her in his arms and walked towards the car.

Ken saw through the light and directly opened the car door, letting Kerr get in the car with Nicole.

"Do you have dry clothes?"

He threw the suit coat that covered on Nicole aside and said to Ken.

He stretched out his hand and untied the raincoat on Nicole. The place his fingers touched was already

Kerr's affectionate eyes.

"Hush! Listen to me, Nicole, you and Jay will be my weakness from now on. I don't care who is Jay's father, and what happened between you and him. To be honest, I'm jealous. "

"I am jealous that he had you, but I am also very glad that he has missed you. So I have you. I have said that if I love you, I will fall in love with everything of you. I know you are most worried about Jay."

"From now on, Jay is my son. He is no longer a child without father."

As far as Kerr knew, that Nicole had never chosen anyone to spend the rest of her life with was because of her son, Jade. So he wanted her to let down her guard.

"Kerr, I feel so cold..."

Nicole reached out and hugged Kerr tightly, burying her face in his arms. Warm tears came out from her eyes and wet the shirt on Kerr's chest.

Love was a weakness in the eyes of Kerr, and it was the same to Nicole.

Before she met Kerr, she had endured all the hardships alone. Even when she had given birth to Jay in the hospital, she had not shed tears.

But now, what she wanted to do was to cry in Kerr's arms and tell him the truth. She wanted to be the woman behind him and feel the tenderness of Kerr.

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