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   Chapter 112 Get Off The Car And Walk Over

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Hearing Nicole's words, Kim became silent. He did not get the confirmation but only hoped that it was not Kerr in his heart.

"Jared, how far is it from here?"

Nicole turned to look at Jared.

She couldn't wait any longer. She wouldn't feel relieved until she saw Kerr was safe and sound.

"About three kilometers."

Jared had come here with Kerr, so he was a little more familiar with this place than the others.

"I have an idea. Kim, you stay and clean the road. We need to make sure whether the car falling into the cliff belonged to Kerr or not as soon as possible. Jared, let's go."

Nicole was unusually calm and she quickly made an arrangement.

Now that the car couldn't get past, she could go there. Anyway, there was no reason to prevent her from meeting Kerr.

"Director Ning, the rain is too heavy. You'll be worn out. Stay in the car and wait for my brother until the way is cleaned up. I'll go up with my people."

Jared didn't listen to Nicole. If something happened to her, he couldn't afford it.

"Assistant Kang, I didn't come here to wait. Otherwise, why don't I wait in the hospital? Well, I know my own health. I'm leaving now."

Nicole tightened her coat, put on the hood and prepared to get out of the car, but she was stopped by Kim.

"Miss Ning, please wait for a moment. Put on this raincoat first even if you have to go there."

Kim took off his raincoat and handed it to Zoe. It was covered in rain, but it was better than nothing. There was wind outside, so it was impossible for her to hold an umbrella.

"What about you?"

Nicole didn't take it. She looked at him hesitantly. As far as she knew, life was equal, although she knew that Kim worked for Kerr.

But in this case, although her body was important, Kim's body was also made of flesh and blood.


epaired in such a bad weather.

Ken's words annoyed Kerr, but he couldn't do anything about it.

He looked out of the window. There were several flickering lights in the near distance. They were very small and couldn't be noticed if one didn't look carefully. But Kerr was extremely flustered.

He couldn't help but open the door of the car and get off directly.

"Where are you going?"

Seeing that Kerr got off the car, Ken had no choice but to follow him.

"Miss Ning, hold on. We will be there soon. We are very close to Mr. Gu."

Jared encouraged Nicole. He could obviously feel that she was not walking very well and was just trying hard to hold on.

On hearing the words of Jared, Nicole bit her lips, but did not answer. She just nodded. Since the wind and rain were on her face, she could not open her eyes.

Nicole knew that if it weren't for Jared, she would have been blown away.


Perhaps it was an illusion, Nicole seemed to hear Kerr calling her name. But when she raised her head, it was still dark so that she couldn't see anything.

"Miss Ning, it seems to be Mr. Gu."

Jared heard Kerr's voice. But he wasn't sure.

By instinct, Kerr was fumbling in the rain.

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