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   Chapter 110 I Want To See Him

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'If I set out after Kim arrives, I won't be able to make it,' Kerr thought.

"I'm leaving now. Tell Kim and his men to follow after me as soon as they arrive."

Kerr got in the driver's seat and gunned the engine.

"But Mr. Gu..."

As Kerr's car slowly disappeared into the night, a raindrop fell from the sky. There was a hint of worry in Jared's eyes, but he had no choice.

He had to do what Kerr asked him to do, so he turned around and walked back into the hospital. As he made his way to Nicole's ward, he sent a message to Kim, telling him to follow after Kerr and protect him.

At the ward, Nicole sat on her bed.

The storm had come. Nicole watched the thick, angry raindrops pummel the glass window like little liquid shards. She could not see anything outside now but a blanket of rain.

Then, lightning flashed across the night sky, lighting everything up and cleaving the heavens in half. Roaring thunder followed suit.

Nicole hurriedly covered Jay's ears, worried that the wild storm would stir him awake, but the boy remained fast asleep. Nicole sighed with relief and gently stroked Jay's hair.

She tried her best to keep her mind off Kerr, but she was still so worried.

It felt like a lifetime had passed, but Nicole still could not fall asleep. She quietly slipped out of bed, took out a coat from the wardrobe, and walked out of the ward.

"Director Ning, why are you still up?"

Jared had been guarding Nicole's door as per Kerr's orders. He was surprised to see her walking about at this late hour.

"I can't sleep, Mr. Kang. You must know where Kerr is. What happened? Is there anything wrong?"

Nicole looked into Jared's eyes and was convinced she was right.

Jared hesitated under Nic

the ward. Jay was asleep, but she could not leave him alone. He was still a child.

"Don't worry. I'll take care of him."

Leaning against the wall behind Nicole, Harley smiled at her, his arms crossed over his chest.

Before Kerr left, he had asked Harley to head over to the hospital to watch over Nicole and Jay. Harley would have wanted to help with the situation up in the mountains, but he believed that Kerr and Ken had it covered. After all, they had experienced worse.

Harley did not worry about Kerr and Ken at all. He was a little surprised, however, at the way Nicole acted. Some women were delicate and fragile. Nicole was bold and tough.

"Thank you so much."

Although Nicole did not know Harley well, she knew that Kerr trusted him the way he trusted Ken. She could trust him, too.

Soon, Nicole and Jared were driving after Kerr.

The rain was growing immensely heavy that the car wipers could not keep up. Jared had to slow down.

"Tell me the truth, Jared. What happened up in the mountains? I don't remember any Gu Group projects in progress up there."

Watching heavy rain fall on the windshield, Nicole's heart quivered.

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