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   Chapter 108 An Accident On The Betrothal Gifts

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Putting down his teacup, Daniel turned his head to look at Sunny and waited for her response.

In fact, when he faced Sunny, he was somewhat guilty. After all, during her growing up, she lacked the care and love from family. But Daniel was still somewhat unwilling to have just one daughter.

"I hope that I can get some evidence to attribute it to the Gu Group. It's better to attribute it to Kerr directly."

This was not a bad thing for her father and she knew that her father would agree with this.

"Why did you suddenly want to do that? Because Kerr embarrassed you last time? Jack Gu has clearly promised me that your marriage with Kerr will not be affected. "

What happened that day indeed embarrassed him. But since Jack had expressed his position, he could not say anything more. Furthermore, he knew that Sunny liked Kerr.

It was imperative to have a connection between He Group and Gu Group through marriage.

"I have my own reasons. Dad, will you help me or not?"

With an anxious look on Sunny's face, she held Daniel's arm and said like a spoiled child.

It was important to her.

"You are my daughter. How could it be possible that I don't help you? But you have to take care of yourself. Don't let this matter affect the He Group. Got it?"

Daniel exhorted Sunny. Though she had never done anything excessive, in business, she was still too innocent. Therefore, Daniel couldn't help but worry about her.

"I see. I'll leave now."

Hearing her father's answer, Sunny stood up with a smile and was about to go out.

"You naughty girl!"

Looking at her back, Daniel sighed helplessly. Although he had always doted on her, because of her mother, Sunny borne a grudge against him. And he knew better than anyone else.

In the hospital.

When Kerr saw that Nicole was almost done, he stood


There was a severe expression on his face.

In the beginning, he wanted to develop the place and give it to Nicole, just because it possessed a special terrain and was not easily found by the outside world, like a paradise. He didn't expect the accident to happen.

Although he has no taboo, it's for him to marry Nicole. Now that someone is dead, he can't give it to her. He needs to prepare in addition.

"By the way, where is Harley?"

The only people that Kerr could trust now were just Harley and Ken. Now Ken couldn't get away with it, so this thing could only be left to Harley.

"Mr. Su has left the hospital. Before he left, he said that Miss Ning would have no accident here and there was no need for him. He went back and will come tomorrow."

Jared reported the words from Harley in a brief manner.

"Go and collect the documents of the Sea Heart Island for me."

Sea Heart Island was an island developed by Kerr accidentally. It had rich natural resources and was isolated from the world because it was in the middle of the sea.

At first, he, Harley and Ken had interested in that place, but at last it fell into his hands. Now, it was a good idea to give it to Nicole as a wedding gift.

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