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   Chapter 104 The Paternity Test

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"Okay, let's go."

Then, Kerr turned around and left the ward together with Jay. They saw Harley and Avery standing at the door when they came out.

"Take care of Nicole for me,"

Kerr told Avery and gave her a genuine smile. He then turned to Harley.

"Come with me," he told the doctor.

Kerr didn't trust anyone else to do this. He only trusted Harley to perform the paternity test. Kerr knew deep inside that no matter what the result was, he was meant to protect Nicole and Jay.

Even if Jay turned out to be his son, it didn't automatically mean that the Gu family would accept Nicole and Jay. His family was just a bunch of heartless people. Everyone was always ready to betray one another for their own self-interests.

Harrow had just exited the operating room when he was suddenly dragged by Harley. They went to the blood collection room, with Kerr and Jay right behind them.

"So, what do you want us to do?"

As he looked at the way Kerr held Jay in his arms, Harley couldn't help but feel a little confused.

"I want you to do a paternity test between me and Jay. I want to know the results as soon as possible,"

Kerr ordered Harley.

"Is that really necessary? I mean, honestly, the boy already looks like a younger version of you,"

Harley told Kerr. But he prepared a needle for drawing blood anyway.

Upon hearing Harley's comment, Kerr was sure of his relation to Jay more than ever. The P blood type was the rarest blood in the world. Kerr had decided that he was going to be the boy's father the moment he transfused his blood to Jay.

"Your name is Jay, correct? Are you scared of needles?"

Harley gently held Jay's small arm as he coaxed him. He never liked to see other people, whether they were children or adults, cry in front of him. So naturally, he didn't want Jay to shed any tear.

"I am a man. I'm not scared of any injection. Don't worry, Uncle Harley. I will not cry."

Jay straightened his chest proudly. He looked so adorable when he acted as if he was an adult.

Although the boy had put on a brave face, Kerr still took the initiative to grab Jay by the arm. He used his other hand to cover the boy's eyes so he wouldn't see the needle pierce into his skin.

He had never taken care of a child before. However, when it came to Jay, fatherhood seemed to come naturall

even years ago.

Fate had a funny way of messing with people. It never even occurred to her that Nicole turned out to be that woman that Kerr had been searching for all those years. She didn't even know that Nicole had given birth to Kerr's son without telling anyone.

"My lady, do you want me to start planning how to get rid of her?"

Edgar asked with a serious tone. He saw how angry she looked and couldn't bear to see her like that. Ever since he was assigned to her side, he had been nothing but loyal to her. Whoever made her angry should pay.

"No, it's not yet time. Right now, Kerr is too focused on Nicole. We might get in trouble if we act on this too quickly," she stated. She looked at him, "Wait, did you remember to destroy the security cameras at the bidding site?"

Kerr had no idea that she was at the bidding site. Sunny wanted all evidence of her being there destroyed so that Kerr would never find out what she did or what she was planning.

The USB flash drive that she took and dumped into the trash can was merely a lesson that she wanted to teach to Nicole. Originally, she wanted to see her fail. She wanted to witness her mess up the bidding event. However, it seemed that she had underestimated her.

She was able to remember all the data in the flash drive and carry on with her speech without much difficulty. It greatly impressed Kerr.

"Yes, everything was erased. The bidding conference is still ongoing so nobody noticed anything."

Whatever she wanted, Edgar was always ready to give it to her no matter what.

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