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   Chapter 103 To Give Him One More Chance

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"Even the car accident was caused by mommy's absence of mind while driving."

Jay was more sensitive than any child, so he could also be sensitive to the change in Nicole. Once, the reason why he wanted the most to see Nicole being with Kerr was that he thought he could take good care of her.

But now, he hesitated.

"I know. It's all my fault. I promise you, this is only temporary. I'll deal with it as soon as possible, and then make your mommy happy. I won't let her get hurt any more."

A trace of surprise flashed through Kerr's eyes when he heard this. But he was sure that if it were not Jay who had told him this, Kerr would never know that he had such an important position in Nicole's heart.

He couldn't help but feel guilty when he thought of the car accident that happened to her because of him.


Raising his head and looking at the earnest expression on Kerr's face, Jay decided to give him a chance.

Lowering his head and looking at the expectant look in Jay's eyes, Kerr nodded firmly.

"Well, I can give you another chance. This time you can't make Mommy sad, because I feel that you seem to be my father. Although Mommy doesn't admit it, I can feel it."

"Is it because you hurt Mommy seven years ago? Is that why she doesn't want you to find me?"

Jay hoped that he could get something he didn't know from Kerr, and that he could verify his guess.

"You are seven years old this year?"

In fact, Kerr hadn't suspected it. When he just knew Jay, Nicole had told him that he was seven years old.

If Nicole was the girl seven years ago and if Jay was his son, then he should be six years old this year.

"I'm six. Mommy lied to you."

Jay explained to Kerr. From the very beginning, Nicole concealed his real age, so he had suspected that she was

kind of interesting.

"I also think so. It seems that Miss Lin and I are very destined. Do you have time to have a drink together?"

It had been a long time since Harley met such an interesting girl. He didn't want to miss it.


Avery didn't refuse. Harley had fair skin, fair complexion and smooth skin, but without any feminine air. He was pleasant to see and made people feel comfortable.

In the ward.

There was a touch of confusion in Jay's eyes.

"Uncle Gu, when are you going to take me to have an examination?"

He could hardly wait to know if his suspicion was true.

"I'll wait for your mommy to wake up."

Kerr raised his hand and gently stroked Jay's hair. Although he knew that the anesthetic given to Nicole prevent her from waking up temporarily, he was still unwilling to leave her.

"Are you sure? Mommy have kept the truth from you for such a long time. Do you think she will still let you take me to do the examination when she wakes up? We have to go there before she wakes up. "

Lying on Kerr's shoulder, Jay whispered in his ear.

Hearing this, Kerr thought it was reasonable. He held Jay and stood up, looking at Nicole who was lying on the bed.

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