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   Chapter 102 I Won't Marry Another Woman

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It was a good thing that they brought Nicole in the same hospital that Jay was in. His room was just downstairs.

"Yes, Mr. Gu!"

Jared said and made his way towards the elevator. However, he was just about to push the down button when the elevator door opened. Jared took a step back when he saw who was inside the elevator. Avery gently pushed out the wheelchair that Jay was sitting on.

"I was on my way to pick you guys up," Jared informed them.

He noted that Jay had lost a lot of weight; he looked thin as a stick. Jay looked at Jared, the concern in his eyes was obvious.

"Is my mommy okay?"

He witnessed Nicole faint. He watched his mother's speech through the computer in the ward and he also saw that it was Kerr who carried her away. That was why Jay called Kerr but it didn't mean that Jay had forgiven Kerr for what he had done.

The affair between Kerr and Sunny was pretty scandalous. It made him think that perhaps he placed his trust in the wrong person. Even though Kerr was probably his biological father, Jay didn't think that this man would be a good partner to his mother.

"She will be fine,"

Kerr answered in a gentle voice. When he saw them by the elevator, he immediately walked over intending to comfort Jay. However, to his surprise, Jay simply turned his head awkwardly and didn't even look at him.

"Well," Avery started in an attempt to relieve the awkward tension. She turned to Jay, "You were worried about your mommy, weren't you? You can stop worrying now because your mommy will be fine."

Avery squatted next to Jay, a faint smile on her face.

She had never seen Jay act this way until now. She found it rather adorable. It was a rare sight for Jay to act like a child, even though it would be considered normal for his age. So, she was surprised to witness Jay be so moody and on the verge of a tantrum.

"I do not believe him."

Jay held Avery's hand but still didn't look up at Kerr.

When she heard that, she didn't know whether to laugh or cry at his statement. She turned her head to look at Kerr; she had a helpless look in her eyes.

Honestly, Kerr wasn't really paying attention to Jay's words. He was more focused on the door of the operat

mom that way.

"Aren't you engaged to another woman? Why do you still care so much about my mommy?"

Jay definitely had a little bit of venom in his voice as he talked to Kerr, he was still upset by what he did and wanted to defend his mom. Even though Nicole had never mentioned anything about Kerr until recently, he knew that she had never forgotten him.

"I will not marry another woman,"

Kerr told him, a serious look in his eyes.

When Avery saw Jay's headstrong approach, she couldn't help but ruffle the boy's hair a bit. With a smile, she turned around and walked out of the ward.

She saw Jared in the hallway and gave him a playful wink.

She knew that Kerr and Jay were both intelligent and stubborn, so she wanted them to solve their differences on their own. She already saw how much Kerr cared for Nicole.

However, if Kerr truly wanted to be with Nicole, then he should do everything he could to get on Jay's good side.

When the door of the ward closed, Kerr stretched out his arms to hold Jay in a comforting embrace. He placed the little boy on his lap so he could get a closer look at his mother.

"I only want to marry your mommy, Jay."

While he was still in Kerr's arms, Jay turned his head to the side, his eyebrows furrowed together.

"But you made my mommy sad. Mommy doesn't tell me anything but she was always distracted and staring at walls for no reason. She would even lose a lot of sleep and I know it's all because of you."

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