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   Chapter 101 Emergency Treatment

My CEO Daddy By Ning Le Characters: 6159

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Standing in front of the door of the emergency room and looking at the light on which said "in operation", Kerr still frowned.

Carrying Kerr's briefcase, Jared walked into the room. Suddenly, his phone rang. It was from Kerr. Looking at the number on the screen, he immediately trotted to Kerr.

"Mr. Gu, it's Mr. Su."

Hearing that, Kerr finally came to his sense. He reached out for the cell phone.

"Mr. Kerr, I'm back."

The clear voice of Harley Su rang out in the air.

In the VIP passage of the airport, a man in white casual clothes wore big sunglasses to cover his eyes. But his smile was so charming that all girls were attracted by him.

With the exclusive silver suitcase in his hand, Harrow Su followed Harley and looked at his young master, who was in front of him, speechlessly. This self-willed person chose such a focused career.

"I'll arrive at the hospital in ten minutes."

Kerr gave an order and then directly hung up the phone. With the presence of Harley, his worries on his face was slightly relieved.

Looking at the red Ferrari parked in front of the door, the corner of Harley's mouth slightly raised. Harrow reached out to knock the door of the back seat, but Harley did not get in. He motioned the driver to get off.

Sitting in the car, Harley started it and directly stepped on the accelerator. The red Ferrari sped away immediately.

Looking at Kerr standing in front of the emergency room, Harley walked towards him with a playful smile on his face.

"Go inside and check on her. I want her to be safe."

At the same time, Kerr gazed at Harley with unprecedented seriousness in his eyes.

He knew well about Harley's ability. But he was still worried if Nicole did not come out safely.

"Who made you so nervous?"

He was curious about the person whom Kerr was referr

e the operating room, was waiting anxiously.

"Why hasn't she come out yet?"

Listening to Kerr's anxious voice, a helpless expression appeared on Jared's face. Only ten minutes had passed, and there were still fifty minutes to go from the hour that Harley had said.

"Mr. Gu, wait a little longer. There is still time left."

Kerr was walking around outside the operating room. Obviously, he couldn't wait any longer. It was the first time that he had been so anxious. He had always been calm and composed, but now he couldn't calm himself down at all.

The phone in his hand rang again. Looking at the caller ID, he pressed the answer key.

"I couldn't get through to Mommy, are you with her?"

There was a trace of reluctance and worry in Jay's childish voice.

He was so worried about Nicole, or else he wouldn't bow to Kerr so easily.

"Yes, she's in the hospital. I'll ask Jared to pick you up."

Kerr didn't hide this from Jay. He hadn't received any call from him since he had moved out from the Gu's villa.

He knew that Jay must have misunderstood him. Jay was very smart, but he was unable to figure out everything between the adults.

"Go and pick up Jay."

Kerr commanded Jared coolly.

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