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   Chapter 98 Another Spy

My CEO Daddy By Ning Le Characters: 5968

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"The thing you want is here!"

Ken walked into the room, with the latest laptop in his hand. He put on a mysterious look, trying to surprise him.

Hearing the sound coming from the door, Avery and Jay turned to look in the direction of the door and saw Ken's sunny smile.

"Uncle Ken."

Jay greeted Ken politely, but there was no surprise in his eyes. He didn't show much interest in the computer in Ken's hand.

What he wanted was his computer. It was his own system. How could an ordinary computer compare with it.

"Godmother, this is Uncle Ken. Uncle Ken, this is my Godmother. Isn't she pretty?"

Jay looked at Ken with a cunning smile.


Ken looked at Avery and nodded with a smile. Then he walked to Jay.

He had heard about Avery from Kerr. Now, looking at the peaceful look on her face, he was well aware that no matter what kind of beauty he had met since he met with Bonnie, no one could attract his attention any more.

Thinking of this, Ken shook his head helplessly.

Seeing Ken in white casual clothes, Avery could see that he looked extremely clean. The smile on his face made him look like a kind gentleman.

It seemed that he was more popular than any playboy.

"Look at the computer I brought for you."

As if he was presenting a treasure, Ken opened the computer in front of Jay. He took the computer with him as Kerr asked him to, and he didn't dare to neglect it. After all, if it weren't for this task, Kerr wouldn't have cared about him.

Now, he had pinned all his hope on Jay.

Jay looked at the computer in his hand. He just operated a few steps and did not show his real skills in front of Ken.

"I like it very much. Thank you, Uncle Ken."

Jay thanked Ken with a nod, but he had a different idea in h

ng at him with a meaningful look on her face. He was surprised and walked to her at once.

"Why don't you let me pick you up?"

He reached out and tried to hold Bonnie's shoulder, but she turned around and avoided.

"I dare not, Mr. Ken. You are busy. I won't bother you."

With a straight face, Bonnie ignored Ken and walked into the ward.

"Aunt Bonnie!"

She looked at Bonnie with a big smile on her face.

"Good boy! Let me check if you are feeling better! "

Bonnie walked to Jay.

Looking at this, Ken seemed helpless. He was jealous again.

With a faint smile, Nicole pulled Avery into the ward.

"Who brought you the computer? Doesn't that person know you need rests to recuperate?"

There was a hint of blame in her words.

"Why can't he play computer while he is recuperating?"

Ken could feel the anger from Bonnie, but he was confused about it, so he didn't want to give in.

Watching the two people quarrel fiercely, both Nicole and Avery felt helpless, so they sat on the sofa to watch the drama. Very soon, Bonnie and Ken left the ward one after the other.

Finally, the room was quiet.

"Alas, the world of adults is so complicated!"

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