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   Chapter 96 Jay Doesn't Hurt

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Kerr's gaze silence Bonnie immediately.

When she saw that Nicole was lying in the arms of Kerr, Bonnie quietly left the room. Standing at the door of the ward, she saw Ken walking towards her from the other end of the corridor.

"Bonnie, why don't you go in?"

When Ken saw Bonnie walking to and fro before the door of the ward in which Nicole was staying, he became confused.

He told Bonnie to look after Nicole. Now that she was ill and alone, someone must take care of her.

"Don't go in!"

Seeing Ken holding the doorknob, she reached out to stop him.

"My sister is resting. You'd better take me to see my nephew. How's Jay doing?"

When Bonnie answered Ken's call, she was frightened to death.

"The doctor said she would be all right after going through the next 24 hours."

Ken held her hand and led her to the ICU. However, she felt a little uncomfortable

It was a 24-hour torture for both Nicole and Kerr. On the way, Jay was rescued again, but fortunately, he survived.

Sitting next to Jay, Nicole looked at his pale face with a sense of heartache.

"Don't worry. The doctor said that he will wake up by tonight."

Kerr was with her all the time and never left. He gently comforted her when he saw her worried face.

Hearing what Kerr said, Nicole just nodded slightly without saying anything. As long as Jay did not wake up, she would always be on pins and needles.

"Mom Mommy... "

Jay's little mouth slightly opened, and his voice was as small as a kitten's. His eyes were still closed. Perhaps it was because of the pain on his body, a trace of pain appeared on his young face.

He frowned.

"Mommy is here, and I'm always by your side. Jay, tell me, where does it hurt?"

Nicole sobbed and whispered to Ja

breath, she suddenly turned around and threw herself into Kerr's arms.

"Let me have a rest."

Even though she knew that she shouldn't rely on Kerr, she was really afraid now. It seemed that the grievances and fears that had been accumulated in her heart for seven years were all vented out this moment.

Tears wet Kerr's shirt bit by bit.

"Don't be afraid. No matter what will happen in the future, I will not let you face it alone. I will accompany you. You are not alone."

Said Kerr gently. Such thing was enough for one to experience only once in life.

After a long time, until the voice of Nicole became a little hoarse, she stopped crying, gently wiped the tears on her face, and stepped back from the arms of Kerr.

"I'm sorry for staining your clothes."

She looked down at the wet stain on Kerr's shirt and apologized.

She felt much better after crying. There were too many things pent up in her heart for a long time. At this moment, she could control her mood.

Although she was moved by the man standing in front of her, she still wanted to return to reality. After all, he didn't belong to her, so she shouldn't be greedy for Kerr's embrace.

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