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   Chapter 94 Blood Transfusion

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If necessary, Nicole would like to exchange her whole life for Jay's safety.

It was her duty as a mother.

With a firm look on his face, Kerr gazed at Nicole and turned down Ken's suggestion.

He noticed the pale look on Nicole's face. She was still a patient, how could she save Jay? He wanted to ensure the safety of Jay, but that didn't mean he would sacrifice her.

"Kerr! How dare you stop me! Let go of me! I'm going to save Jay! "

She tried to break away from Kerr but failed. She struggled to sit up, but he didn't let her.

He pressed her shoulder and didn't let her sit up.

"Nicole, listen to me. I will save him. I promise. He will be fine. Don't act rashly. You are not recovered yet. You can't transfuse blood to Jay."

"I'm coming right now. You stay here. Don't be reckless, or I won't let you see Jay again!"

Kerr threatened Nicole in case that she would do something dangerous.

Right now, Jay was still in danger. He couldn't let anything happen to Nicole again. He couldn't imagine her leaving him. Would he have left with her?

At this moment, he finally realized that unconsciously, he had the idea of living and dying together with Nicole.

Hearing what Kerr said, Nicole couldn't help crying again.

"I can't live without Jay. He means everything to me."

Nicole didn't want to admit that all her strength and courage had disappeared at this moment. She didn't want to be strong at all. Her heart was filled with fear now. She wanted to rely on Kerr.

At this moment, she really wanted to ignore the lie that Kerr once told her, because she was really afraid now. She was afraid that something unexpected would happen to Jay.

"I promise I won't let you lose him. Don't worry."

Kerr then bent dow

s about to stand up. He reached out to hold the wall beside him, then he slowly stabilized himself and walked out of the blood collection room.

"Are you okay?"

Seeing the depressed look of Kerr, Ken rushed forward to hold him, a glimmer of surprise flashing through his eyes. He had never seen Kerr so weak before.

It seems that there are only two people in the world that can make Kerr pay without reservation.

"I'm fine."

Kerr raised his hand and waved to Ken, then he leaned against the wall behind him with his eyes closed and took a rest.


Nicole was sitting in a wheelchair. When Jared pushed her out of the ward, she saw the abnormal behavior of Kerr.

She noticed that Kerr looked pale. Thinking of what Ken said before, she had a guess.

When he heard the voice of Nicole, Kerr slowly opened his eyes and looked down. When he saw the woman in the wheelchair, he smiled and squatted to look at her.

"Why did you come out? Didn't I tell you to wait for me in the ward? "

There was no blame in Kerr's gentle tone, but his eyes were a little blurry when he looked at her. He tried his best not to let her notice something wrong.

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