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   Chapter 92 Car Accident

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Before she closed her eyes, she seemed to see the anxious eyes of Kerr, but the blood on his forehead blocked her sight slowly and let her completely lose consciousness.

A sudden brake stopped the car steadily, and then he ran quickly to the car. Through the window, he saw the red face of Nicole, which hurt Kerr's eyes.

Outside the emergency room, Kerr saw his wife and son sent to the emergency room. When he watched the two people disappear from his sight, he couldn't help clenching his fists.

When Jared and Ken arrived, they saw Kerr standing at the door of the emergency room, wearing a serious face.

"What's wrong?"

It was the first time that Ken saw him so nervous.

He remembered that when he was on a mission with Kerr, Kerr was injured and sent to the emergency room. Before he fainted, Kerr looked calm and no tension at all.

But that time, the wound was so close to Kerr's heart. It almost hurt the main artery. If it hadn't been for Kerr, he would have died. Even so, Kerr was still very calm.

But now, he looked so serious. Although he didn't say anything, the clear veins on his forehead showed his nervousness.

A doctor came out from the operating room. Before the doctor said anything, Nicole was pushed out from the room.


Kerr immediately reached out to hold her hand, but she was still in a coma and her face was still very pale, her forehead wrapped in gauze.

Looking at the young girl, Kerr felt a pang in his heart.

"Mr. Kerr, please rest assured. Miss Nicole is fine. The wound on her forehead is just a small one. It has been treated. She will wake up soon. It's just that the boy's injuries are kind of serious."

The doctor became serious when Jay was mentioned

er. Then he took her hand and looked at her lovingly with a faint smile on his face.

But the sweats in the palms of his hands betrayed Kerr. God knows, before Nicole woke up, Kerr had guessed countless possibilities, good or bad.

For a moment, when he thought Nicole might not wake up, he felt so painful as if his heart was about to stop beating.

He had never had this feeling before. Unconsciously, Nicole was more important than his own life.

Looking at Kerr, Nicole frowned and tried to recall what happened before. She suddenly opened her eyes wide and held Kerr hand with her hands.

"Where is Jay? How is Jay? "

She remembered that when she turned around to talk to Jay, her hand grabbed the steering wheel and spun it towards the opposite lane, and then a car just came from the opposite direction. In a hurry, she turned the steering wheel instinctively.

Then she hit the guardrail by the side of the road. She didn't forget that Jay was sitting on the back seat and he didn't fasten his seat belt.

She couldn't even imagine the condition of her son. She looked at Kerr expectantly, grasping Kerr's hand as if he was a life-saving straw.

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