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   Chapter 82 Luke's Trick

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Looking at the scrutinizing eyes of Kerr, Sunny felt a little guilty, but she tried to keep calm.

"So what? Will you tolerate her being with me? Don't try to take advantage of me. You know my bottom line. "

He glanced at her and then fixed his eyes on the computer screen.

He knew that the method might work. After all, he had indeed used her to stimulate Ning Nicole before, and it did work. That was also the reason why he kept her by his side until now.

But he didn't want to hurt Ning Nicole because of his jealousy with Sunny.

A hint of sadness flashed through her eyes.

Yes, she was jealous of Nicole as well. She loved Kerr so much that she wouldn't be willing to let her go. But in order to stay with Kerr for the rest of her life, she had to make compromise.

"Kerr, my feeling for you is different from when I talk to you. If possible, I would like to be your woman, because I know you better than she does and I know what kind of woman is more suitable to stay with you."

"Unless, you are worried that you will fall in love with me."

She knew how proud he was, so she tried to provoke him on purpose.

"Bet? Sunny, aren't you afraid that it will end up with the dowry? "

Kerr was a little surprised at what Sunny had said today. In the past, he had thought that what Sunny had done was just some silly actions of a little girl and that she had never taken it seriously.

But now, he needed to reconsider her.

"If that's the case, I'm sincerely convinced. I'm willing to do anything for you."

She looked at him, eyes full of deep affection and helplessness.

"You are smart. You should know why I keep you in the Gu group. So, Sunny, please don't pay too much attention to me. I won't allow anyone to affect my life."

Even though he knew that her method might be useful to Nicole.

However, he didn't need anyone to teach him how to keep Nicole with him.

"Well, if you don't want to go, I'l

hard work. If he was even not qualified to choose any woman to be around him, then what he had gained was meaningless. He was not a puppet to anyone.

Looking at the serious look of Kerr, Sunny went silent.

She knew it was meaningless to argue with him. Now she could only pin her hope on the Gu family and the he family.

The car drove into the Gu family's old house. After stopping, Kerr directly got out of the car, completely ignoring Anne behind him.

In the hall of Gu's old house.

Daniel he was playing chess with Jack Gu.

"Ha ha, you are better, brother Gu. I'm willing to accept the truth."

With a cheerful laugh came out of his mouth. With a light smile, Jack put the piece in the chess box.

"It's just a game. You don't have to take it seriously. Life is like a chess game. One should take into consideration the overall situation at every step. A false step makes a false step. Do you agree, Kerr?"

Jack noticed the change when Kerr walked into the house. He turned around and looked at him with something in his eyes.

As the best son of the Gu family, and also the most suitable candidate to be the heir of the family, he had invested all his efforts in Kerr. He would never allow Kerr to make a mistake.

Luckily, Kerr had never let him down these years.

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