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   Chapter 79 A Reunion With Avery

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"What wedding date? Don't make fun of me. I'm already busy enough. Fortunately, the bidding is going to start soon, so I'll be able to use it as an excuse to stall off my mother."

Baron felt helpless as he said it.

He wasn't expecting his mother to be so determined this time. He even considered going out and distancing himself from it all for a while, but avoiding the problem wouldn't solve it for him. Not to mention that Nicole was still there.

At least she was already past what happened at the party, which put his mind a little at ease.

"Ok, don't be so picky about girls. I think Miss Chen's a nice girl. She's kind and generous, and a good match for you."

Nicole looked down at her watch and suddenly remembered she had an appointment with Avery Lin that day. She then turned anxiously to Baron.

"Holy crap! Baron, take me to that restaurant we often go. I've completely forgotten I had an appointment today."

Noticing how restless she was, Baron nodded as he turned the steering wheel and picked the road towards the restaurant.

"Who is it?"

Baron wasn't used to seeing Nicole anxious about anything. As far as he could tell, she would only get apprehensive within matters which regarded Jay.

"You should come with us. We haven't seen each other for seven years, but she's my best friend. She's the daughter of the Lin Group's CEO and quite a beautiful woman. Her name's Avery Lin. I think you'll like her."

Nicole's eyes lit up with hope. If Baron wasn't interested in Maggie, he could be in Avery. Who knew if they weren't each other's fate?

Baron shrugged in response.

"How beautiful? As much as you are?"

Baron had come across with many beautiful women, but no one compared to Nicole. He would never forget the moment he first saw her.

"She's more beautiful than I am, actually."

Growing up with Avery, Nicole knew her well.

Baron parked the car in front of the restaurant and

t happened. But when I got at the airport, you had already left.

After you were gone, people started to forget about the Ning Group. There wasn't any news about your stepmother or your sister anymore. Then, I went to find Aunt Sandra and asked her about the events of that year.

She's your father's wife, so I thought she might've known something about her husband's business. But she refused to mention or look further into any of it."

At the time, Avery thought Sandra was still grieving her husband's death, so she didn't ask her more. However, later she started to realize it wasn't so simple.

"Maybe Aunt Sandra just didn't want to mention my father's death again. It all happened so sudden. She must have felt so alone. My sister was still too young and I also wasn't around, she was probably under a lot of pressure," Nicole sighed.

Every time she was reminded of how everything happened, Nicole felt guilty towards Sandra and Bonnie. Even though Sandra wasn't her real mom, she had lived with her for over ten years and regarded her as a family member.

"That was what I also thought at the time, but later, I found that it wasn't that simple."

Avery raised her head and glanced at Baron. During their whole conversation, he'd been sitting opposite to her in silence.

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