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   Chapter 77 Admit That You Love Me

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Sunny had planned this for a very long time. She definitely couldn't let Nicole swoop in at the last minute and reap the reward!

Nicole, however, tightened her grip on Kerr's hand and broke into a run as soon as she heard Sunny's voice. She pulled him into the elevator and quickly pressed a button.

"Nicole, where are you going with Kerr?!" Sunny screeched as she ran to the elevator, but it was too late.

The elevator doors closed smoothly, blocking out Sunny's voice.

Nicole finally breathed a sigh of relief, but she was only able to relax for a moment.

After all, Kerr was still drugged. He could feel the drug swallowing his sanity, but he made no attempt to fight it.

Instead, he pushed Nicole to a corner of the elevator and pressed his hand on the wall next to her face. Then, he lowered his head and kissed her passionately.

He was strong enough to resist the effects of the drug, but when it came to Nicole, he didn't want to.

The elevator stopped at the first floor. When the doors opened, Jared was astounded by what he saw.

"Mr. Gu..."

Upon hearing Jared's voice, Nicole put her hands on Kerr's shoulders and tried to push him away.

However, he was so strong that he didn't even budge.

It was only when she felt like she was about to suffocate that he finally pulled away and gave her a chance to breathe.

"Mr. Kang, hurry up! Pull him away!"

If she didn't escape from Kerr right now, she had a feeling that he would never let her go.

"Director Ning, what happened to Mr. Gu?" Jared asked hesitantly as he stepped forward.

However, he didn't dare to touch Kerr or pull him away.

Having been with Kerr for a long time, he knew him well, so he directly walked into the elevator and pressed the button that would take them to the floor of Kerr's private suite.

"Hold on, Director Ning,"

he said comfortingly.

Realizing she was on her own, Nicole placed on her h

on Kerr's bed, an unspeakable depression grew in her heart.

That was why she was in such an awkward situation in the first place.

"Then why are you the one in my bed in the end? Why did you stay?"

Kerr didn't care who had drugged him. The only thing he knew for sure was that the woman in his arms right now was the woman he had had his eyes on for a long time. It didn't matter how they had ended up here. This was the result that he had always wanted, so he could allow a little mistake to happen in the process.


Hearing his question, Nicole did not know what to say.

Was it just that she didn't want to see Kerr fall into Sunny's trap? Or was this what she really wanted? She didn't think either of those reasons was the right reason, but she really didn't want the events of last night to bring them together.

"Is it because you didn't want me to be with Sunny? Admit it, Nicole. You've falllen in love with me,"

Kerr said firmly, as if he had already known what was on Nicole's mind. Only if she cared about him from the bottom of her heart would she be so bold as to disclose what Sunny had been planning.

The smile on Kerr's face left her speechless. When she heard him say those words, she felt like her thoughts were exposed for the world to see.

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