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   Chapter 73 In His Arms

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"My father seemed to have mentioned it. Why does he mention it all of a sudden?"

There was a strange look on her face. She didn't know why this man suddenly mentioned it. Her father was in charge of everything of he clan all the time.

"The Ning group was purchased by the he clan. Nicole is the backbone of the Ning group."

Destiny was so miraculous. Sometimes no matter how hard one tried to escape, he couldn't escape the tangle of fate.

"You mean, he made Ning Nicole lose her?"

His words took her by great surprise. Seven years ago, she vaguely remembered that her father indeed told her about it. But she was not interested in the business at all.

Besides, her father told her that Kerr had helped the he group during that business war. That was why she noticed it.

When she thought of this, a faint smile appeared on the corner of her mouth.

It seemed that even God was helping her.

"I know what to do."

Hearing her excited voice, the man sighed.

"The he family has made Nicole lose everything. Are you going to let her sacrifice her life?"

He told Sunny about it in order to win her pity and make her feel guilty to Nicole so that she was spared.

But apparently, she didn't think so.

"She's so unlucky. Do you fall in love with her? Don't forget your identity! "

With a smile on her face, she hung up the phone. She knew that if Nicole knew it was Kerr who made her lose the Ning group, she would never be with Kerr again.

That was exactly what she wanted. As for Nicole, she could only blame herself for being so unlucky.

When the first ray of sunshine came into the villa of Gu family, everything seemed to be unusually quiet.

Nicole raised her hand to block the sun from her face. She turned around and went on sleeping. Feeling the warmth behind her, she turned around in a daz

ing space of Mr. Gu's car, Nicole didn't get off.

"You go inside first. I will come in later,"

She didn't want what happened last time as she didn't want to be misunderstood about her relationship with Kerr. She was just feeling guilty compared to the last clean and honest relationship.

"Do you think you can escape from their eyes by doing this?"

He was a little upset as he saw through her at a glance. Other women were desperate to be involved with him.

Only Nicole hid from him all day long, as if he was a virus.

"No, no, No. you are thinking too much!"

With a smile on her face, she immediately explained, her hands still swaying on her chest.

"You have two choices. Coming in with me or being taken in by me."

As he said in a firm tone, he opened the door and got out of the car. He walked to Nicole and opened the door directly, waiting for her to get off.

Looking at the firm look on Kerr's face, Nicole knew that she couldn't escape today, so she had to get off the car. But before she could make a step, Kerr reached out to hold her up by the waist and strode towards his exclusive elevator.

"Hello, this is not the way you are calling me. I'll go by myself, and I'll make a choice."

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