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   Chapter 71 Why Aren't You Wearing Your Clothes

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Upon hearing Nicole's stern voice, Jay stopped and turned to her with an aggrieved look on his face.

"But Mommy..."

Seeing the quarrel between the mother and son, Kerr walked to the latter's side and lifted him up in his arms with a faint smile on his face. Then he looked at Nicole and lied blatantly,

"He was telling the truth. I'm afraid of sleeping alone, so I asked him to stay here with me. Why not? Director Ning, if you are still worried, you can stay with us too. My bed is big enough for all of us."

He looked at her playfully and didn't think he had said anything wrong. The anger on her face didn't go unnoticed by him, either.

"You!" Nicole snapped.

She didn't know what to say. For the first time, she thought that Kerr was such a rascal. He really had no bottom line. It was obvious that he was using Jay as a bargaining chip.

Seeing her son in his arms, she suddenly felt powerless.

"Mommy, just say yes, okay? I promise it will just be for one night!" Jay chimed in at this moment.

As he spoke, he stretched out his small hand and held hers.

When Nicole saw Jay's innocent face, she couldn't refuse him.

She realized that perhaps she couldn't be so selfish. Since Jay had never had a father's love, it was only natural that he would seek it. Now, Kerr was a good compensation for him. Besides, Kerr was indeed Jay's real father.

"I'll go get my pajamas," she finally said,

then turned around and went back to her room.

"Yes!" Jay yelled triumphantly. Then, with a wide smile on his face, he turned to Kerr, who looked back at him affectionately.

Kerr carried the boy into the bathroom, helped him take off his clothes,

and threw them outside the door of the bathroom.

Meanwhile, Nicole paced around her room, thinking long and hard about the matter.

'It's not a big deal. Jay is with us

abbed her hand and placed it on his stomach.

Then, he took Kerr's hand and placed it on top of his mother's. Feeling content, he finally closed his eyes.

Nicole's heart ached as she looked at this unfamiliar expression on Jay's face. Sleeping like this was a common thing for every child, but for Jay, it was a luxury.

"He can sleep like this every day from now on, if you like,"

Kerr said earnestly, holding Nicole's hand tight.

He had never felt as peaceful as he did at this moment, and he felt an insatiable greed for this feeling.

Nicole gradually closed her eyes, pretending not to hear him. She didn't know how to answer him because her heart had begun to waver.

She couldn't deny that Kerr's actions today had moved her. It seemed that he could understand what she was thinking and what she wanted even if she didn't say anything.

"Good night."

Although Kerr knew that Nicole wasn't asleep, he could feel that she wasn't being as defensive as usual toward him. This was a good sign.

He leaned over and gave both Jay and Nicole a gentle kiss on the forehead before closing his eyes.

When Nicole felt Kerr's lips on her forehead, she stiffened. A feeling that was hard to describe arose in her heart.

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