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   Chapter 68 A Fish Is Not In The Pond

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Although she did not know how her mother did it, she did not accept it in this way.

She tore the DNA test into pieces and threw it into a trash can.

"Mrs. Fang, I'm sorry that I can only call you this way, because what you did just now makes it hard for me to call you aunt. I'm really a good friend of Baron. And I'm sure that Jay is my child, which has nothing to do with Baron."

"I have never thought about being with Baron, nor have I ever thought about joining the Fang clan. You really don't have to regard me as a threat. Today, I am really disappointed about the damage the Fang clan has brought to Jay."

"No matter what background he has, he is my pride. The only thing that I have never regretted in my life is that he has been born with me. I feel that I don't have a chance to compare with the Fang clan. I'm leaving now."

Nicole turned around and wanted to take her father away. This place was definitely not a good place for Jay, so she didn't even care about the panic she had told to Kerr.

The only thing she wanted to do now was to take Jay away, but she was stopped by Kerr.

With one hand holding Ning Jay and the other holding Nicole's shoulder, Kerr stared at Fang's mother sharply.

"Mrs. Fang, Nicole is in the company of Gu. She was born to be kept in the sea, and the small pond cannot raise Mermaid. So we hope Mrs. Fang pay attention to your words and deeds so as not to harm her family."

How could a woman be despised as his girlfriend.

Nicole was born beautiful. Her arrogance, intelligence, kindness, courage and strength attracted Kerr deeply.

He would never allow anyone to look down upon such a precious and vulnerable woman.


Looking at Kerr's arrogant face, Mrs. Fang didn't know what to say for a moment. She knew well about the sta

d to be strong just now. He wouldn't be heartbroken until she revealed that she was not afraid of him.

When she heard Kerr's voice, there was a mist in Nicole's eyes. Her guard seemed to be shattered by his gentle voice, as if all of her strength was nothing to him.

"I don't want Jay to experience what happened today again. What Mrs. Fang said is right. I'm not a match for the Fang's group, and the Gu's group is not what I can get. So I hope you can let me go."

"What I want is very simple. I just want Jay and I to live a peaceful life. I don't want to be disturbed by anyone."

When did such a simple wish become a luxury? She never thought that one day she would ask others to give her a peaceful life.

"Why did you lie to me? "Why did you lie to me? Baron is not Jay's father, and you have never been with him."

He remembered it lightly, but he didn't expect that Baron was so cunning that he would think of such a way to prevent him from approaching Nicole. What pissed him more was that Nicole even fooled him together with Baron.

In the past, what he could not bear most was others' deception, but now he liked it very much, and he even felt a little relieved that it was a lie.

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