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   Chapter 66 Bastard

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But smart as he was, he sensed something was wrong.

His face darkened when he saw the sudden appearance of Jay. He turned around and saw his assistant standing behind him. The assistant looked at his mother in a helpless way. He knew that it was his mother's decision.

It seemed that he hadn't hidden the existence of Ning Jay.

"Miss Ning, how long have you been with Mr. Fang? How did you know each other? "

"Miss Ning, this child is your mother. Is it your child? Is this your baby with Mr. Fang? Miss Ning, please answer me! "

A crowd of reporters besieged them, and even the flashlight was aimed at them.

When she saw the scene in front of her, she subconsciously reached out her hand to cover Ning Jay's little face, and then held him in her arms, forcing him to turn his back to all the reporters.

She didn't want to frighten Ning Jay with such a scene, nor did she want him to face such a cruel scene.

"It doesn't matter who I am. I believe you come here today just for the anniversary of Fang's group. Mr. Fang was just joking. I hope you don't mind."

Ning Nicole looked at the end of the room with a smile, and was about to walk towards the door with Ning Jay in her arms.

She couldn't stay here any longer. She couldn't let Baron make fun of her anymore.


When she was about to leave, Baron got off the stage and wanted to walk to her, but was stopped by his mother.

Mrs. Fang walked to Baron and held his arm. She looked at him with blame.


She put all her hopes on baron. Since her childhood, Baron had never let her worry a little. But since that day, Baron had told her that he had fallen in love with someone, she had sent people to investigate all women around baron.

But when she knew that the woman, whom Baron

o told you that the child in my arms is a bastard?"

But he didn't miss that reporter's clear voice.

Since he wanted to protect a person, he would not let go of the people who had hurt Jay easily. Although he was asking, his eyes were precisely fixed on the reporters who had just spoken.

Feeling Kerr's gaze, the reporter didn't even dare to look up at him, trembling all over.

Kerr was well-known in A City. Almost everyone knew about him. Even no media dared to casually report any news about him. All news about him had to be reviewed by the Gu's group.

Just like today, nobody in the company dared to take the media's cameras and put them in front of Kerr when he appeared.

"Mr. Gu I... "

All the media took a step back automatically when they heard the question, only the reporters who had just spoken were left. Although no one had seen the angry face of Kerr.

But everyone could feel his threatening tone and they all didn't want to be involved in this matter.

"You can choose to resign today when you go back, and you won't be a journalist in the future. If you can say such irresponsible words, it is enough to prove that you don't deserve to be a journalist."

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