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   Chapter 65 Soul Partners

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"In fact, I think he may have already given up after knowing the difficulties. He did not come to bother me again these days. After all, he is the president of the Gu Group. How could I, a person of no sense, take it into his eyes?"

There was a loss in her tone that she did not realize. She should be happy, but she could not laugh. She knew that Kerr was arrogant, so arrogant that he had been used to being looked up by everyone.

Maybe it was because easy to get what he wanted, he would never cherish anyone, because everyone was dispensable to him.

"Are you disappointed?"

The smile on Baron's face disappeared. He looked at Nicole vigilantly.

His sense of nervousness never came from the fact that Kerr chased after her in a tight way. On the contrary, when Nicole was with Kerr, she was gradually falling in love with him unconsciously.

This was dangerous.

"No. don't talk nonsense. That's exactly what I want? I will be happy if Kerr announce the news right now! "

Ning Nicole raised her voice, which might cover up her uneasiness.

"I hope so."

He really wanted to believe what she said, but he noticed the hiding expression on her face, so he stopped his car at the hotel gate of the Fang Group and the staff at the door opened the door for them.

She walked to Baron and put her arm on his arm.

Feeling the move of Nicole, Baron smiled casually. When he was about to enter the hotel, he heard a clear female voice.


Once she alighted from the car, she saw a familiar figure. She called out Baron's name with uncertainty.

When they heard the voice, they stopped. They turned around and saw her in a white short dress. The long hair over her shoulders was apparently well tailored with curly waves.

Her yellow hair made her skin look fair, and a smile appea

When she looked at the eyes of Baron, Nicole was shocked. She had a feeling that what Baron was going to say would be too hard for her to deal with. And it was true.

"I've already found my soul partner, Miss Ning Nicole."

Justin stretched out his hand and pointed to Nicole. Following his act, all the people in the banquet hall focused their eyes on Nicole.

A trace of astonishment flashed on Ning Nicole's face, but when she noticed the difference in everyone's gaze, she forced a smile and looked at Baron with a hint of threat in her eyes.

But she had cursed Baron hundreds of times in her heart. She didn't expect that he would take her to the front of everyone as an excuse.

Now she was really in a dilemma. It seemed that everyone was waiting for the reaction of Nicole. When she did not know what to do, a pair of soft hands held her legs.


Wearing an evening dress, Jay ran out of the lounge. He had been there the whole time, so he didn't hear what Baron had said just now. And his assistant had told him that he could come out.

He was still looking for Nicole, but when he saw the people around him seem to be at a standstill, he didn't expect everyone to look at her.

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