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   Chapter 61 Don't Get Her Into Trouble

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"What's up?"

When she was breathing steadily, she turned around to look at Sunny who was standing behind her.

She knew something bad must have happened to her.

"I heard that director Ning came back from school and entered the Gu group with her own ability. Now it seems that she doesn't only rely on her working ability."

In her four inch high heels, Sunny walked up to her. With a wry smile, she looked sarcastic.

"I'm afraid my right to stay in the company has nothing to do with Miss He. If there's nothing else, I'll leave first."

Nicole didn't plan to entangle with her. As far as she was concerned, Sunny only cared about Kerr, so she looked at her with hostility.

But she didn't want to have a quarrel with Sunny because of Kerr.

It was all because of the woman beside Kerr that she got into so many troubles. She took all the blame to Kerr, who had already been cut into pieces in her heart.

"I hope that you can behave yourself, director Ning. I know that due to the identity and status of Kerr, a lot of women will be attracted by him and there will be more."

"But I want to remind director Ning that don't do anything that would get you into trouble. No matter how many women Kerr has outside, I will be the only one he marries in the end, because I have a powerful background, while Miss Ning..."

"Wow! What a pity. I heard that Ning group had already declared bankruptcy seven years ago. Even though it has developed to this day, it won't have the same achievements as he's. So I hope you have a little self-knowledge. "

She could see that Kerr was not like the other women he had met before. Now, she wasn't even sure if he was taking his wife seriously.

So she made up her mind to put the evildoers on her.

Hearing what she said, Nicole frowned slightly and looked at her with a bit of disgust.

"You investigated me? What else

the woman behind him.

He knew everything, but he didn't stop them considering what he would do. Those people were not important to him at all.

Hearing his last sentence, Sunny stopped her words when she was about to explain.

She had never regretted using any kinds of means to get rid of those women. But she cared a lot about how Kerr thought of her. She also wanted to be kind and simple, but since she fell in love with Kerr, it was impossible for her to be simple.

In the office, Nicole smashed the file on the desk. Damn it, it was him who started this mess.

"Why are you so angry? Or do you take me as your desk? I guess you're missing me. "

Kerr stood at the door, looking at her teasingly.

He did not forget what Nicole had just said. When Sunny had just warned her, he was still worried that Nicole would be scared by her words.

But he forgot the woman standing in front of him was not an ordinary little woman. It was the woman who dared to hit him and accuse him of Ning Nicole.

"What can I do for you, Mr. Gu? I have to work overtime if there is nothing else. I hope Mr. Gu won't hold up my time. "

She sat straight and tried to keep calm. She didn't look at Kerr at all and just let go of the files on the table.

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