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   Chapter 59 Why Do You Have Do Many Women

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And she seemed to have no reason to reject him.

Ning Jay made a face at Ning Nicole, and went to have breakfast obediently.

After sending Ning Jay to school, Ning Nicole finally arrived at the company two minutes before work. She made herself a cup of coffee to refresh herself, and Ning Nicole braced herself to start preparing for the bidding plan.

"Director Ning, this is the data file you want. It's noon now. Don't you have a rest?"

Lily put the file on Nicole's desk while watching her keep working.

"I still have some water left. You go to have lunch first."

Nicole fixed her eyes on the screen of the computer. She should have finished reading the information last night, but she was delayed by an accident. What's more, she had to go to the hospital to see Shelly tonight.

So she had to make full use of every minute.

Lily nodded and walked towards the dinning room.

In the CEO Office of Gu Group.

"Mr. Gu, Miss Ning is still working."

He watched the surveillance video in his hand. It was not until this morning that Nicole walked into the office and came out.

"Go and prepare some lunch."

Putting down his pen, he heard the text and picked up his phone.

Noticing the disappointment in her voice, he couldn't help but smile.

"You haven't made Mommy like you for such a long time. Uncle Gu, you really disappoint me."

Sitting in the canteen of the school, Jay held his phone in his hand. He had thought about it for the whole morning and decided to remind Kerr. His intuition told him that Kerr wouldn't give up so easily.

"I won't let you down."

As far as he was concerned, he didn't plan to take her out so soon, but he didn't expect that someone was more anxious than him.

If he didn't take some actions, he would be laughed at by a child.

He st


He fixed his eyes on the computer screen and didn't look at her at all.

He didn't mind having a lunch with her when she woke up.

The smile on Sunny's face disappeared when she heard the voice of Kerr. Before she could say anything, she heard the voice of Jared.

"Miss He, it's time for us to take a nap. It's a combination of work and rest."

Like getting an amnesty, Jared took the mess tin from her and walked outside.

"You haven't had lunch yet, have you?"

The reason why she was with him was that she wouldn't give up any chance to approach him.

"There will be a dinner party later."

After the incident last time, Kerr would have found an excuse to let her go. But since he found out that Nicole would be jealous because of Sunny, he decided to keep her.

Maybe his existence could help him win Nicole's heart earlier.

Noticing that Kerr was expressionless and he didn't want to be disturbed, Sunny had to turn around and leave.

After she left, Kerr looked up at the door of the lounge on the side. Thinking of the woman behind the door, he couldn't help smiling.

He clicked the "send" button on his phone and smirked.

Did he mind his slow action? Then he sped up.

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