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   Chapter 55 Don't Look At Me

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"Let go of me! If you don't go to save my sister, I will go to save her!"

She couldn't believe that Ken and Kerr just kept indifferent. No matter whether Bonnie knew them before or not, now they just stood by and watched her being bullied.

In this instant, all the gratitude that Nicole felt for Kerr disappeared.

"Calm down, Bonnie. We'll save her. It's not the time yet."

After these words, Kerr carried Ning Nicole in his arms and walked towards his car.

He knew clearly that Ken was definitely not a ruthless man. If Ken could come here, he would not leave Bonnie alone.

He knew that Ken only smoked when he was in a fret.

"You are lying! "Let go of me, Kerr gu! If anything happened to my sister, I wouldn't let you go easily! I knew what you did in the good time!"

Although she didn't mention it again, she knew what would happen there?

At this moment, no matter Kerr Gu or Ken Qin, they were the same person in her eyes.

"What did I do?"

On hearing this, Kerr didn't look angry but expectantly looked at her.

Only when she cared about him would she be mad at him for squandering so much money.

"You know it clearly. Let me go, Kerr gu!"

She knew it was not the right time to argue with Kerr. There was still danger in the police station. If a girl appeared in such a place late at night, the consequences would be unimaginable.

Even though she was only a weak woman, she couldn't just stand by and watch Bonnie get hurt. It was a devastating blow for a girl.

With the help of Nicole in his arms and sparing no effort, Kerr saw that Ken was walking towards the warehouse, just as he expected.

Ken said. He was just waiting for a chance.

"So what? For men, it's just one more delicious night snack. "


bit comforted and then walked towards the warehouse.

"Ken, wake up!"

Before they entered the room, they heard Bonnie crying and shouting at Ken.

Kerr quickened his pace subconsciously. When he arrived, he saw that there was a stream of blood on the ground. He turned around and instinctively raised his hand to cover Nicole's eyes.

"Close your eyes, don't look!"

He didn't forget that she could get a cold blood. Besides, he was afraid that she might be scared.

Nicole was following closely behind Kerr, and her eyes were blocked by him before she could see what was going on inside. But the smell of blood in the air made her guess.

"Bonnie, how is she?"

She was worried, but Kerr's hands covered tightly, so she couldn't see anything but worry.

"She's fine. Trust me!"

Then he took off his tie and tie it in front of her.

"Don't take it off. Listen to me."

When she heard his words, she hesitated for a moment, but finally she nodded. She was also worried that she might trouble him now.

When he saw that Nicole didn't refuse his help, Kerr turned around and walked towards Ken. Before they got there, Jared had already checked on him.

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