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   Chapter 54 On Purpose

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Seeing this, Ken thought about what Kerr had said and sighed. He sat in the car and started the engine to catch up with Bonnie.

"Get in the car!"

Ken parked the car by the side of Bonnie unwillingly. Seeing that Bonnie didn't move, he felt a little impatient.

"Hurry up! Go to No. 9 warehouse!"

With an anxious look on her face, she directed Ken. Holding her cell phone in her hand, she dialed the number of Howard again. However, no one answered the phone.

Looking at the car's back, there was a shrewd look in Kerr's eyes.

"Go get the car."

Since the party was boisterous, how could he not miss Nicole? He did not forget the appearance of Nicole and Bonnie. It seemed that God was giving him the chance. He took out his mobile phone and directly dialed Nicole.

When the phone rang, Nicole had just finished her shower and walked out of the bathroom. She wiped the water on her hair with a towel and looked at the phone on the bedside table. It was a call from Kerr.

Nicole frowned and hesitated, but she didn't take it.

'it's late now. I know that Kerr must have come for work, but except for work, I have nothing to talk to him, ' thought she.

The ringtone was ended. When Nicole was about to turn off the phone and go to sleep, she saw a message from Kerr, which read "Bonnie Ning.".

She looked at the phone screen and immediately called back.

"What happened to Bonnie?"

On hearing Nicole's anxious voice, Kerr's face darkened in the car. With the speed when she called back, it was obvious that she didn't answer his phone on purpose.

"Why didn't you answer my phone?"

He couldn't accept the fact that Nicole ignored him. It was better than her to ignore him whether she liked him or hated him.

"Tell me what's wrong with me, Bonnie?"

Nicole just cared about Bonnie. After she left the hospital that day, she kn


With great courage, she walked toward the warehouse.

When he was about to pull over at the 9th warehouse, he spotted Ken's car.

"Mr. Gu, Mr. Qin is here."

As he heard the voice of Kang Jared, Kerr nodded his head and parked the car. He took the hand of Ning Nicole and got out of the car.

Feeling the warmth in her hand, she struggled slightly, but the cold sea wind blew in. She looked at the dark surrounding environment and didn't get rid of Kerr's hand.

"Where is Bonnie?"

She looked at Ken who was smoking by the car, and asked anxiously.

"She is inside."

Ken watched the couple appear and let out a smoke ring.

"Snuff it out."

Frowned, he watched Ken smoking. He didn't care, but he was afraid that when Nicole was here, she might not be used to the smell.

Listening to the voice of Kerr, Ken threw the burning cigarette on the ground and tramped it out with his foot.

"Is she alone in the room? What is that sound? "

Surprised, she looked at Ken. Apart from the sound of the wind, there was also a faint sneer of a man and a faint voice of a woman for help.


It was Bonnie. She let go of Kerr's hand and ran inside. When she just lifted her foot, Kerr pulled her back into his arms.

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