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   Chapter 53 The Entanglement

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Nicole didn't hide this from baron. On the one hand, she had to take care of her son, on the other hand, she had to work hard. Even though she knew how to take care of a sensible man, she didn't need to worry about her son. On the other hand, she had to make her life busy.

He knew that Nicole was by no means a sluggish person on work. If the project that could attract attention from her, it must be really important.

"What kind of project could make you so interested?"

After hearing what Baron said, Nicole showed the folder in her hand to him.

"There is a bidding meeting to be held in the city, and the Gu family is involved."

With hands on the steering wheel, Baron casually glanced at the documents in the hands of Nicole and was shocked.

"Did Kerr ask you to take charge of this project?"

He didn't expect that Kerr cared so much about Nicole, or that he had an ulterior motive, which was not a good thing for him.

Because he didn't want to treat Ning Nicole as an opponent at all.

"Don't tell me that Fang Group is also involved in the bid."

When she heard the surprised tone of Baron, Nicole also showed a little surprise on her face. But when she thought of the position of Fang's group in A City, she was relieved, although the Fang's group was not as powerful as the Gu's group.

It is of great importance in the whole a city. Therefore, the bidding this time must be expected to be very crowded.

She suddenly felt great pressure. After all, this time she represented the entire Gu company. She did not want to cause any damage to the company because of her mistakes or her ability.

What's more, it would question others about Kerr's decision. She didn't want to disgrace him.

"And I am the person in charge."

His tone was full of helplessness. He had been persuading Nicole to work in Fang's group in hope that she wouldn't be his match.

However, things didn't go as

g, Mr. Qin."

Ken raised his hand to open the door of the back seat directly, and Kerr got off the car unhurriedly.

"Are you really going to stand by and watch them being tortured?"

He cast a glance at Ken and Bonnie and said indifferently.

"I don't care about women who are in love with you."

His intuition was telling him that if he got involved, Nicole would definitely not let him go. And this was caused by Ken alone, naturally he had to solve it by himself.

Seeing the depressed look of Kerr, Ken was about to say something to defend himself when the phone rang.

Seeing the number shown on the screen, Shelly was surprised and answered the phone immediately.

"Howard? How are you doing? I'm raising money? Tell me! "

The messy voice came from the other end of the phone. Shelly's face changed and turned around to run out of the villa. The busy tone came on the phone.

Ken let out a sigh of relief as he watched Bonnie leave. However, when he saw her anxious look, he couldn't help feeling worried. Everyone knew that something happened to her on the phone.

Seeing Ken's hesitant face, he knew what was going on.

"If you can't pay me back, you can return a favor first."

After hearing this, he got out of the car and opened the door for Ken.

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