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   Chapter 51 I Have No Choice

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Seven years ago, Ning Nicole was also drugged in this way, and lost her most precious virginity.

Even though she constantly comforted herself that it was not a big deal, she still buried the grievances in her heart, which had never been eliminated. She was like this, and she did not expect that Bonnie was the same.

A trace of doubt flashed through Kerr's eyes as he listened to the accusation of Nicole.

"I have nothing to do with what Ken owed me."

He didn't want to take the blame for Ken. In fact, he had been on the alert for a long time. When he was just getting better, he was even destroyed by Ken.

Hearing what he said, Nicole closed her eyes. When she opened her eyes again, there was no mist in them and she was unusually calm.

"Thank you for taking me to the hospital. I apologize for what happened this morning. Thank you for taking care of me last night. Now I'm all right. I can go back to work."

Nicole picked up her coat and walked out of the ward.

She couldn't show her abnormal emotions in front of Kerr. He had almost discovered that she was a little abnormal in her emotions.

He did not force her to stay in the hospital and drove her back to the Gu group, but his doubts had not been eliminated.

In the past few days, Nicole had been avoiding Kerr in the Gu group, and he didn't seem to be chasing her again. She thought he had given up.

After all, she had been rejecting Kerr. With Kerr's identity and status, how could she give up the whole forest because of her.

When she thought of this, she felt relieved, but also a bit disappointed.

"Director Ning, the president of Chu group, Jeremy Chu has arrived at the meeting room. President Gu, please go to receive him."

Lily was a little bit puzzled when she saw that Nicole was sitting in a daze in the office.

Since Nicole was sent to the hospital that day, there had been a ban within the Gu group. At this time

pportunity to cooperate with the Gu's group.

Offending the Gu's group was a huge loss to Jeremy. He knew the loss more clearly than she did.

When he saw Ning Nicole was determined to get what she wanted, a trace of surprise flashed through his eyes, and he looked at Ning Nicole with appreciation. Ning Nicole had blocked all his escape routes.

He was now in a dilemma. He had no other choice.

"I have to say, Mr. Gu is really good at choosing people. It's a piece of cake for the Gu Group to have miss Ning. OK, I hope to become a long-term partner of the Gu Group. And I look forward to the surprise that Miss Ning will bring to me in the future."

Hearing that, Nicole's eyes showed a sense of complacency.

"Thank you for your kind words, Mr. Chu. The cooperation between Chu family and Gu family is a mutually beneficial thing. It's our honor to cooperate with you."

As soon as she finished, she heard the door of the meeting room was pushed open from the outside. She looked up and saw Kerr Gu walking in expressionlessly.

"Mr. Gu, long time no see."

Jeremy stood up and greeted to Kerr. Now the Chu group was using the Gu group to open the domestic market, so he had to show respect to Kerr. He could do nothing about the impolite behavior of Kerr last time.

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