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   Chapter 46 No One Is Better Than You

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Before she found the clothes, the door was opened from the outside. She grabbed the pillow and threw it in the direction of the door.


No matter who she is, she is a jerk who takes advantage of the situation to do such a thing. She didn't expect that she would get drunk because of a jerk and meet another jerk.

Hearing the powerful voice of Nicole, Kerr carried the tray with one hand, and the other hand raised his hand subconsciously to catch the pillow that she threw, but the huge pillow directly blocked his face.

"You called me that last night."

A glimmer flashed through Kerr's eyes. If the truth was confirmed, could Nicole give in?

But what he wanted was not only Nicole's submission, but also the whole heart and soul of Nicole.

Nicole stretched out her hand to grab the vase on the bedside table, but she heard a familiar voice as soon as she touched the vase. She paused and turned around. She looked incredulously at Kerr who slowly took the pillow out from his head.

"Why are you here?"

Why couldn't she escape from this man? Why the person she was facing was still Kerr no matter she was drunk or sober.

Seven years ago, it was her who went into the wrong room to make that chaotic night. She did not blame Kerr because it was all her fault. But today after seven years, did they have anything to do with each other?

A one night stand? She tried to push him away but failed?

"Then who do you want to be?"

When he saw her, he walked to her and passed the tray to her. He stared at her without hiding his eyes, but the tears in her eyes hurt him.

Was she regretful now? Was she regretting that he was with her yesterday?

"No one is better than you!"

When she saw that Kerr didn't care about it at all, she was filled with anger.

She didn't forget that yest

. She knew that Kerr was angry.

She switched on her phone and saw many missed calls from Baron. Frowning, she got in her car which was parked at the door, and told the driver to send her to the GU group, then she dialed the number of Baron.

Before Nicole could explain, she heard what Baron said.

"Nicole, where were you last night? Do you know how worried I am? "

He had been waiting for her the whole night in the apartment, but she had never shown up. He couldn't imagine what she and Kerr had done the whole night.

What's more, he couldn't imagine what would happen between them after this night.

"Stop. Listen to me. I had an accident last night. I don't want to do that. Where is Jay? Did he get angry? "

Nicole had never been out at night before, so now what she was most worried about was her son.

Maybe Jay would be angry with her.

"Brook has gone to school. He is very happy to hear that you are together with Kerr."

He was so jealous that he could hardly control himself.

He didn't want to admit that Ning Nicole cared about Ning Jay, but she didn't care about his concern. It seemed that his concern became extra all night and was not important at all in Ning Nicole's heart.

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