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   Chapter 42 None Of Your Business

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"Get out."

Hearing the voice of Kerr, Sunny trembled all over with fear. She knew that he was angry, so she just ran out directly.

He took out a shirt from the wardrobe and handed it to Kerr. When he saw him putting it on, his face was full of helplessness. All his words just now were in vain.

"Mr. Gu, no wonder that director Ning misunderstood our relationship. It's so easy to let people's imagination run wild here."

He knew that Kerr must be filled with anger now, but obviously, it was just a trick played by Sunny.

Before he could finish his sentence, he felt the sharp gaze from Kerr and immediately shut up.

After he picked up the documents brought by Nicole and gave her a brief glance, he signed his name with a pen and walked towards her office.

He knew it was impossible to bring that stubborn little woman here. Since Nicole had come to him twice today, he didn't mind looking for her himself.

"Where is director Ning?"

Standing in front of the office of Nicole, Kerr's eyes became dim. There was only lily cleaning up the desk in the office.

Lily was startled when she heard the voice. She turned around and saw the expressionless face of Kerr, feeling afraid.

"Mr. Gu, Miss Ning said that she was not feeling well and just asked for a leave to go home."

Lily was also curious. After coming back from Kerr's office, Ning Nicole looked unhappy and asked her to ask for leave.

"How long have you been gone?"

There was a rare anxiety in Kerr's eyes, and with it, his tone also became hasty.

"Not long ago."

He turned around and walked straight towards the private elevator. Looking at the signs on the first floor of the elevator, he really wanted to jump off, so he ran all the way to the gate of the Gu group. When he saw that Nicole's car had just left.


Sitting in the car

As soon as she finished, the door was opened. When Bonnie walked in with a key, she looked a little shocked.

"Why are you here?"

Hearing the cold voice of Bonnie, Nicole's smile froze.

"Shelly, don't talk to me in this way."

Auntie stared at her angrily.

"I come here to see you. It's getting late, and I'm going back. I'll come to see you again when I have time, dear Auntie."

Nicole said goodbye politely and then walked towards the door. When passing by Nicole, she saw her meaningful look.

"Let me drive you home."

Bonnie put the key on the table and followed Nicole downstairs.

"What are you doing here? If you have something to say, just say it for once. Don't come here again. Mom didn't know what happened in good time that day. Don't say anything more. "

She didn't know if Ning Nicole was talking nonsense, but she just instinctively warned her. In the past seven years, she and Ning Nicole had their own ways of living. She needed Ning Nicole's pretended kindness at all.

"Bonnie, I know you misunderstood me. At that time, the Ning group had just gone bankruptcy and my father had passed away. I received the offer of a Manhattan University. I just don't want to face it, so I went abroad."

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