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   Chapter 39 Talk In Sleep

My CEO Daddy By Ning Le Characters: 6250

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"Even now, Baron is just my good friend. I don't intend to let Jay know who he is."

She looked at him carefully, hoping that he could understand her. Her lie would be a big trouble if it was discovered by Jay.

She had always taught Jay not to lie, but since they came back, she had been lying to Kerr. Although she was forced, she couldn't let her brother learn such a bad habit.

Besides, she had a feeling that Kerr had made a deal with Jay and was completely captivated by him.

"Now that he doesn't admit the identity of Jay, he will never be able to be Jay's father. He doesn't deserve to be known by Jay," He added

"Nicole, no matter what happened between you and Baron, I will make you forget him."

He looked at her with his soft eyes.

Although he hadn't figured out the truth between Nicole and Baron, he could tell from xenia's eyes that there was no emotion in her when she mentioned baron.

It could be seen that in the heart of Ning Nicole, there is no place for Baron.

"Then I have to thank you, Mr. Gu, for hiding the truth from brook. But we have been living together for so long, and we have been accustomed to the present life. I don't want to see any changes between us."

"It's late. Thank you for sending me back. I'm going now. Good night."

Nicole nodded to Kerr and then turned around to get out of the car. She walked into the apartment without looking back. She didn't stop until she heard the car behind her start to leave.

When she turned around, she saw the black Porsche disappear, and breathed a sigh of relief.

No one knew how nervous she had been when facing Kerr. Her calmness before Kerr was nothing but a disguise. She was afraid of being questioned by Kerr.

Because she didn't know how to face Kerr and how to protect her younger sister.

After so many years, for the first time in her lif

dollars, Lily realized that Sunny was a tough person, so she tried not to offend her.

"Let me have a look."

Hearing that it was soapy who sent Lily here, she cheered up.

It seemed that she had a small world with the surname Ning. As soon as she came back yesterday, she saw Nicole getting off from Kerr's car. Today, Nicole made an excuse to contact with Kerr.

She reached out for the folder. After carefully scanning through it, she didn't find anything like paper. So she handed the folder back to Lily.

"Can't you see the big mistake on it? Do you know how much loss it will bring to the company if you are not so serious about your work? Ask your director to take it back and redo it. "

She yelled at lily.

Lily was stupefied. She turned around and walked away with an uncertain look in her eyes.

She knew that Nicole was always serious about her work, so she wouldn't make mistake like what Sunny said. But when she saw that Sunny didn't seem to be joking, she decided to check it out with Nicole.

Sitting in the office, Kerr heard the sound of the door. He frowned and said to Jared without raising his head.

"Go and check what's going on. Tell her that we're in the Gu group, not in the vegetable market,"

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