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   Chapter 37 Uncle Gu Is So Considerate

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"Do you want me to be your father?"

Kerr squatted down to be on the same height as Jay, and looked at him straight in the eye. He seemed so earnest in his request that he decided to show his respect by being on the same level as the boy.

Although Jay was still a child, he would treat him seriously. Kerr could feel in Jay's gaze that he was considering what was best for Nicole's interest given that he loved and cared for her deeply.

He had never met a child like Jay who had such a smart mind and a considerate heart.

Looking into Kerr's eyes, Jay nodded solemnly.

"I know that you can protect Mommy. She once told me that someone slapped her once, and that person ended up having a broken hand."

It was you who did it, isn't it? It was you who protected her that time. You also like Mommy, don't you? You like Mommy as I do, right?"

No matter how smart Jay was, the way he viewed the world was still very simple. He wanted to protect a person just because he simply loved that person.

Just now, it occurred to Kerr that Jay did not understand the difference between familial affection and romantic love.

"That's different. I like your mommy, but your love for her is different."

With a smug look in his eyes, Kerr reached out and held the young child in his arms.

It was true that Nicole had successfully drew his attention and aroused his interest. Even he was starting to believe that he was falling in love with her a little bit.

Stretching out his short arms, Jay put them around Kerr's neck and tilted his face against Kerr's broad shoulder. Jay was thinking that Uncle Gu was an adult whom he could rely on, so he allowed himself to be hugged by him.

His mouth opened and closed, but he didn't say the word "father" out loud. Only he knew that he wanted to call him that.

Looking at the faces of Kerr and Jay, Nicole was put in a trance. The two were becoming more alike as the days passed by.

Kerr helped Jay sit down on the chair. When the dishes were served to them, he deftly cut the steak on his plate and exchanged it with the plate in front of Nicole.

"Wow, Uncle Gu is so considerate!"

Watching Kerr cut the steak for his mommy, Jay clapped his hands and exaggeratedly praised Kerr's behavior. In return, Nicole ro

t and sat beside his mother, looking at her tenderly.

Everyone in A City knew that Baron was well-known for his filial piety. He seldom talked back to his parents, and was a model for his obedience.

"Look at this photo, Baron. She's the daughter of my friend. She will return from abroad in a couple of days. However, her family are all living abroad, so I promised her parents to let her stay here temporarily.

This way, we can take care of her. When she comes back, you must pick her up at the airport," she requested Baron.

Mrs. Fang was satisfied to see that Baron had grown up to be modest and polite. She had put all her heart and soul into raising him when he was younger, and now she harbored high expectations of his future.

After taking the photo from his mother, he looked at the girl in the picture and nodded.

It was not an emergency after all. He felt a little disappointed that his time with Nicole was cut short, but he didn't show it.

"You don't remember her at all? When you were a child, her mother took her to visit us. But before long, they emigrated," Mrs. Fang reminisced gleefully.

"I still remember that you asked her to marry you after you grew up," his mother added with a gentle smile.

Thinking of what happened to Baron when he was a child, his mother smiled tenderly. She was also trying to hint at her son and wanted to know his thoughts.

She offered to take care of a friend's daughter in hopes that Baron could try to get along with the woman she approved of.

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