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   Chapter 35 So What

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Baron decided to attack Kerr with lies. However, once he started with lies, there was no way of turning back.

The only idea that Baron had in order to make his big lie convincing was to keep using one lie after another and so on. This plan could either end up ridiculous or a complete success.

It started off pretty well since Kerr's attention was drawn to Baron.

Although Kerr looked at him with shocking eyes, he concealed it quickly.

"Say again? I couldn't quite hear you."

Just for the record, Jared never found any kind of data that was related to Jay's father. Baron had met Nicole in Manhattan and she gave birth to Jay there.

Nevertheless, Kerr thought that Nicole and Baron weren't even that close to look like a couple when he saw them, which made Kerr suspicious of Baron's statements.

"Jay is our son. He is my child. I met Nicole in Manhattan while we were still in college. Jay was never planned though, and my mother didn't like Nicole.

My mother always made sure that our marriage wasn't a reality. Me and Nicole loved each other, but she didn't want to put me in such a complicated position. So, she decided to leave me and raised Jay by her own.

This is my family affair, and I owe Nicole my life. The only thing that I wish to do now is to make it up to them after all these years. I never stopped loving Nicole. I hope you understand, Mr. Gu."

Baron looked at Kerr with guilty eyes as he narrated his family affair's fantasy to him. However, Kerr's calmed aura was like an unbreakable shield that didn't allow Baron to see through him.

He was hopeful that Kerr believed at least a huge portion of the story, even though there were many plot holes in it. He had to tell Nicole about this as soon as possible because it was obvious that Kerr's next action was to corroborate Baron's story with her.

Baron's purpose behind this idea was only to protect Nicole and Jay from the harasser. If everything turned out positive, Kerr would never molest them again.

Unfortunately, Kerr made up his mind as he noticed that Baron couldn't keep his eyes straight to look at him.

"So what? What does that have to do between me and Nicole? If you failed to marry her seven years ago, what makes you think you can succeed now? Or do you think you have seven more years to fight for it?


in danger. However, he still agreed so as not to put Nicole in a complicated and awkward position.

Baron knew from Nicole's words that Jay liked Kerr. And now he just witnessed it with his own eyes as he looked at that tiny and innocent face of Jay with his eyes full of happiness.

He felt a bit weird though, as he realized that Kerr was actually the only one to bring out the best of Jay and his personality. He started to worry.

"Thank you, Uncle Fang. Can we sit together with you today?"

Jay let go of Nicole's hand as he walked towards Baron's side and reached out to him so Baron could see that Jay wanted to be picked up.

"Sure! That's a great idea."

Baron put his hands around Jay's waist to lift him up and sat him on the chair next to him.

"Alright! Thank you for your invitation of dinner then."

Before sitting next to Baron, Kerr moved towards Nicole's seat to gently pull out her chair so she could sit on it as he secretly winked at Jay.

Nicole felt a bit awkward and thought that Kerr's action wasn't even necessary as she sat down.

There was no expression on Kerr's face but of complacency which Nicole could easily notice it in his eyes.

She knew him well enough to think that it was just an illusion from her. Kerr's hint was completely real.

"I already ordered the food for me and Jay. Here's the menu for you two."

She handed the menu to them so they could choose their orders. However, when she put the menu between Baron and Kerr, she felt quite embarrassed as her face was turning red as always.

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