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   Chapter 34 Jay Is My Son

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When Jay read this message, he immediately turned around and saw a black Porsche following behind. With a smile on his face, he sat back and didn't say anything.

"Brook? Are you okay? Was it too tired to go to school? Why is it so quiet today? "

Nicole turned around and looked at the quiet Ning Jay in the back seat with a strange expression on her face.

Although normally Jay didn't talk much, it was strange that he didn't say anything when she mentioned Kerr just now.

"No, Mommy, don't worry about me. I can adapt. Although I'm the youngest kid in my class, I'm not inferior to any of them!"

Ning Jay looked up at Ning Nicole with an innocent and happy smile.

"That's good."

When she saw the happy smile on Jay's face, she was a little stunned.

In Manhattan, she always thought that Jay was much mature than other children of his age, and had more prudence than other children. In many cases, she almost ignored the fact that he was only six years old.

However, after she returned to the country, she gradually found that Jay had become more and more like a normal child.

She saw how Evan relied on Kerr and how he became more and more childish after he met Kerr. It seemed that everything was going in the way she expected.

But the fact was that the change of hope was from Kerr, which made Zoe worried and hesitant. She knew that if she rashly took him away from Kerr, he would be unhappy.

"Get off the car now,"

Baron looked at Nicole thoughtfully and said lightly. There was a slight worry in his gentle eyes.

His intuition told him that Nicole's silence came from Kerr. Although she had just returned home, he still could faintly feel that Kerr had gradually become a part of her life.

When he was about to open the do

He was announcing his sovereignty. He wanted to let Kerr know that he had already reserved Nicole and he wanted Kerr to misunderstand that he and Nicole were in love.

If so, he might be able to break up with Nicole.

It was just that he underestimated Kerr's interest in Nicole.

"I don't think it's appropriate for Mr. Fang to say that. I can ask you to set your mind at rest. Besides, it's her choice to let Nicole stay in the Gu Group or the Fang clan."

"Now that she is a member of the Gu clan and has come to my sight, I believe it must be a special fate, or something that Mr. Fang has never had."

He didn't care about what Baron said at all. In his opinion, if Nicole did this to Baron, he could say that only to shrink back from difficulties.

However, the more careful he was, the more interested he became in Nicole, so he was aware that Baron was on the alert against her.

"I have something else to do. I will have a chat with you later."

He ignored Baron and went straight to the dining room. But when he was just taking one step, he heard the voice of Baron.

"Brook is my son."

In a moment of desperation, he blurted out what he wanted to say.

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