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   Chapter 27 A Family Of Three

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She didn't want to get the injection again, but she didn't tell the truth. Maybe she was nervous in the face of Kerr, so she didn't feel the pain.

Ning Nicole opened her mouth obediently, and ate the porridge in the spoon.

Even if she didn't raise her hand to touch her cheek, she could still feel that her cheek was burning.

It was the first time she had been fed since she became an adult.

She just wanted to finish the breakfast as soon as possible, so she could not help but speed up her chewing. She was not an effeminate person.

In the past, she was the eldest daughter of the Ning clan. Although she was qualified to be a picky person, she had never been picky. Later in Manhattan, she basically had half work and half school.

Later, Jay came to their life and had to spare some time to take care of him, so she was often too busy to have lunch. It was not until Jay grew a little older that she began to be taken care of by him.

"Take your time. No one's gonna take your food away."

She hadn't had any food last night, and now the delicious food made her mouth agape. She didn't care about her image as a lady, but she didn't want to make a good impression on Kerr.

She wouldn't be relieved until Kerr lost interest in her.

When he looked at the true behavior of this Nicole, there was appreciation in his eyes.

Right now, she didn't wear any make-up and still looked sluggish like she just woke up. She made no secret of her feeling in front of Kerr without affectation, which he had never seen before.

"Does it taste good? Mommy. "

As soon as Ning Jay pushed the door open, she saw Kerr feeding Ning Nicole. A satisfied smile emerged on his face.

'it seems that Uncle Gu takes good care of Mommy.'.

"Not bad. Have you eaten yet?"

When she heard Ning Jay's voice, Ning Nicole looked up at Ning Jay in milk and swallowed the congee in her mouth.

"Of course not."

Ning Jay walked to the bedside and supported himself with hands and climbed up onto Ning Nicole's bed with difficulty.

As Nicole's bed was tailor-made, it was a little taller than common bed. It was a challenge for Ning Jay, who was not very tall.

Kerr put the spoon in his hand into the bowl, and with his free hand, he gently blocked the back of Ning Jay, in case he fell to the ground by accident, but he didn't reach out to help him.

He hadn't spent a long time with Jay, but as far as he knew about her, he knew that she was more independent.

Expecting this answer, Jay sat directly in Kerr's arms and looked up at him with innocence.

"Uncle Gu, I want to eat, too."

Naturally, Jay behaved like a child first.

Or, it seemed that since the day he met with Kerr, he had become more and more like a child. In fact, he was still a child.

He took a spoonful of millet congee and handed it to Jay. He looked at her innocent face.

"Yummy! Yummy!"

Jay clapped his small hands, as if he had received a great surprise.

Ken, who was standing at the door, was stunned by what he saw.

If he hadn't been with Kerr all the time, he would have thought that the three

people in front of him were really a happy family.

As for the kid, he had been trying his best to please Ning Jay all the way here. However, Ning Jay seemed not to care about him at all and ignored him.

But now, in front of Kerr, Jay behaved like a well behaved child.

One spoon to Nicole and the other to Jay, Jay finally finished his breakfast.

"Mommy, why are you injured again?"

Jay held her head in her arms, and her eyes were filled with sadness. Since they came back from Manhattan, Nicole had been injured for the second time, and more and more serious.

"Don't worry. It's just an accident."

Nicole stretched out her hands and held her son in her arms, looking at him tenderly.

However, she didn't think that Jay was a child and that her son had a special growing environment, so that he would be under too much pressure.

"It's my fault. I didn't protect Mommy well,"

He put his head on her shoulder so that she wouldn't notice his sadness. On top of that, he was still too weak.

"My little fool, you're still young. When you grow up, you can protect Mommy. Now it's mommy who should protect you."

When Ning Jay listened to her, Ning Nicole was moved and a little sad. She thought that Jay

should have enjoyed a happy childhood but she made him bear the psychological burden that he shouldn't have.

Looking at the mother and son who cared about each other, Kerr's heart seemed to be hit by the soft spot.

He reached out his hand and took over Ning Jay from her arms.

"I'll protect you and your mommy before you grow up,"

He wanted to be warm like this, which had never been found in the Gu family. It seemed that only when he was with Nicole and Jay could he feel the warmth.

"Really? Uncle Gu, you must keep your words? Let's do a pinky swear. "

Looking into Kerr's eyes, there seemed to be a new hope. He stretched out his little hand and waited for Kerr to make a deal with him.

His intuition told him that Kerr was a tough guy, so he would definitely be able to help him protect his mother.

Looking at the action of Jay, Kerr imitated her somewhat awkwardly and extended a finger. He firmly put his forefinger together with her small hand, which was a promise to him.

Watching the action of Ning Jay and Gu Kerr, Ning Nicole was slightly stunned.

It seemed that everytime she didn't know how to comfort Jay, Kerr could easily comfort him. Was this the power of father's love?

She knew that it was not appropriate for Jay to get close to Kerr, but she didn't want to disappoint him. She could see how happy Jay was when he was with Kerr.

Ken curled his lips, shook his head and walked out of the ward.

He thought that he must be still in a coma and hallucinate, so he saw such an incredible scene. It was unbelievable. Even the usual cold and indifferent Kerr had such a gentle side.

The phone rang. Ken looked at the number on the screen and frowned. He picked it up anyway.

"Father, I won't marry the daughter of the Wen family. Don't mention it any more. Even if you cut off all my privileges, I won't make a compromise."

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