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   Chapter 23 A Person More Important Than Life

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Jay's words amused him.

"What about your father?"

He couldn't imagine what it would be like to be a step father for the inheritor of the Gu group, but the scene he saw today made his heart beat faster.

It seemed that he didn't care about the child of Nicole at all.

"I don't have a father or an uncle. Not everyone will have a healthy family. It's very impolite to ask me this way. My mother told me to respect others' privacy."

Jay looked at Ken seriously. He didn't show any respect to Ken at all.

He wanted his father back, but he didn't want to put his mother in a difficult position, so he never said a word.

"Well, I apologize to you. I'm sorry. What are you looking at?"

Ken looked at the serious look on Jay's face and felt a little embarrassed. This child was really troublesome. He was too smart to fool.

So he had to change the topic.

"For Uncle Gu's sake, I forgive you. This is the school he arranged for me."

Jay raised his small hand and patted Ken on the shoulder. He looked very generous, as if he didn't want to make a fuss about the trifles with Ken.

He had checked the information of this school. He was satisfied with it, and he was even more interested when he learned from Jared that Kerr graduated from this school.

"Really? Did he ask you to go to his school?"

Ken looked at the documents in Ning Jay's hand and suddenly opened his eyes wide, as if he was looking at a monster.

When he was a child, his father had also said that he wanted to take him to that place, but after experiencing for a day, he decisively refused. That place was gathered by talented children from various countries, and it was not a place that ordinary children could survive.

"Why not? The tuition would be very expensive? It's not easy for my mom to take care of me all by herself. I don't want her to be too tired. "

Ken's shocked expression made Jay frown. He was thinking about whether to sell the system he just developed. In this way, he could make a fortune.

"You'll know when you get there."

Ken looked at Jay with sympathy. Although he seemed to be smarter than ordinary children, he couldn't tell that he was a gifted child. He really worried about him.

A long time later, when Ken saw the homework handed over by Ning Jay, he realized that he had worried too much.

In the ward, Kerr reached out and held her cold little feet, trying to warm her with the warmth from his palm. He didn't look disgusted at all.

"Mr. Gu, I have told you that you don't have to take the children's words seriously. I know that you just don't want to disappoint Jay. You can rest assured that I won't cause you any trouble."

Nicole withdrew her feet to avoid the touch of Kerr and distanced herself from him by words.

"Evan will be upset if he knows that you are going to live in this world."

He looked directly into her eyes, which had a sharp light.

"He won't know. As his mother, I know what kind of living en

vironment is more suitable for him to grow up. President Gu, you have a special identity. I don't want to trouble you."

"Of course, and I don't want Mr. Gu to affect the peaceful life of brook and me."

She said that only when Jay was absent. She deliberately ignored all the concern of Kerr, not because she couldn't understand it, but she knew that such concern wouldn't last long.

So she'd better not ask from the beginning.

After all, it was much better than losing it.

"Nicole, do you really think so? Or are you afraid that you will fall in love with me? "

He put the girl on the bed and put his palm on her ear and trapped her between his chest and bed so that she couldn't escape.

Although Nicole had been resistant to his approach, he could see a sense of evasion in her eyes, which meant that she had a feeling for him.

Maybe his ex girlfriend was an easy-going woman. When he met Nicole, he actually didn't know how to win her heart.

"You must be kidding, Mr. Gu. There is a person more important than my life in my life. I only love him, so no one will come into my heart again."

The little face of Jay came to her mind, and she stared at Kerr. She seemed to see his face through Kerr's features. She deliberately spoke in an ambiguous way to make Kerr shrink back from difficulties.

She knew that Kerr was a proud man, so she was sure that he couldn't accept the fact that she had another man in her heart.

However, she ignored that the reason why his father was so smart was that he was from Kerr. So her trick was soon seen through.

"The person you said is more important than life, Jay. You are telling me that there is no one else in your heart and you are waiting for me."

When he put his cold finger on her chest, he looked so calm as if he was trying to win her heart.

When she felt a slight cold on her chest, she stretched out her hand subconsciously and held his finger. She stared at him with her big eyes.

"Don't use your tricks on me. I'm not the kind of woman you used to know."

Looking at the easy way Kerr behaved, she felt so annoyed that she couldn't tell how. In fact, he had nothing to do with her, but she just couldn't bear that he treated her as a woman outside.

She reached out and tried to push him away, but he seemed to be fixed on Nicole and couldn't move at all.

"How do you know what kind of woman I treat you? What kind of woman do you want to be? How about being my only woman? "

When he saw the anger on her face, he became more interested in her. How could he let go of such an interesting woman.

"Do you think you are qualified to say 'only woman'? Can you guarantee that you only love one woman? If you can't, don't make any promises here. "

She would not fall into the tender trap of Kerr, absolutely not.

She couldn't imagine what she would be like if she was serious about Kerr. She would absolutely not repeat the same mistake if he had a new girlfriend, Gregory.

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