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   Chapter 21 An Easy Target

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"I am serious."

Even if he didn't know why he chose Nicole, he knew the most primitive impulse that he couldn't help but get close to her.

"Mr. Gu, don't make such a joke. As long as you are willing, there will be many women flocking to you. I am just an ordinary woman who dare not take it. Tell me, where is my sister?"

Nicole extended her hand and pushed Kerr away. She changed the topic with an alienated tone.

Her instinct told her that a man like Kerr was absolutely beyond her reach. She knew behind Kerr that she had a forced abortion. There must be a lot more that she didn't know.


Sitting on the chair, Kerr called Ken in directly. When he saw the day broke, he took out his phone and sent a message.


Ken had changed into a white casual outfit. He was more like a frivolous boy yesterday night. At this moment, he looked like a sunny boy, which made people involuntarily let down their guard.

"Is this my sister, Nicole?"

Before they came in, Ken had already simply known the identity of Nicole. No matter who she was, he knew that she was not simple when he saw the nervous look on Kerr's face.

"Who are you? Ken? Do you know where my sister is? "

Looking at Ken's innocent face, she somewhat trusted him.

"Your sister? Who is it? "

Ken looked at her in confusion, at a loss.

"The one on your bed last night."

Tim turned to look at Ken calmly, but people who knew him well knew that he was waiting for something good to happen, such as Ken.

"What did you say?"

When Nicole heard what Kerr said, she looked at Ken angrily.

Yesterday, she had succeeded in preventing Kerr from approaching Bonnie Ning. Had he been trying to narrow the mantis to capture a cicada, while Ken was the weak lamb to be slaughtered?

"Don't listen to him, sister. I'm not that kind of person. You mean peach, right? I've arranged a presidential suite for her to sleep in good time. She should be still sleeping now."

In "good time" this place, every girl had her own code name. How could anyone possibly have used their real name.

"Is she really fine?"

Although Ken looked sincere, Nicole still felt worried. But she was more familiar with Kerr than Ken. Subconsciously, she turned her head to look for the answer on his face.

"She should be sleeping."

He knew about Ken, who was able to allow a virgin to sleep for two days.

It was not until she got a guarantee from Kerr that she felt relieved. Leaning against the head of the bed, she felt the pain on her forehead. Looking at the bright sky, she became nervous again as she was relaxed just now.

"Oh my God! I didn't tell Jay that I didn't come back. He must be angry with me."

She had never stayed out all night. This time, she would definitely be severely criticized by Jay.

"Don't worry. I've told him. I'll pick him up later. You still have to stay in the hospital for one more day."

He gently tucked a quilt for her.

"Sister, I heard that yo

u have a lovely son, and I love kids the most. I'll take care of him for you. Don't worry."

Ken promised as he patted his chest. Although he looked serious, his movement was a little funny.

"How old are you? Maybe I'm younger than you, but you look even childish than my son. "

A smile finally appeared on Ning Nicole's tight face. Ning Jay hated childish children most, including childish adults.

"Uh huh, you are right. Twenty, sixty. And I am still single, one of Kerr's best friends."

He looked at her seriously and introduced himself without shame.

"I heard that the daughter of the CEO of Wen group has been admiring you for a long time. Your father asked me to persuade you to marry her last time."

There was a threat in his voice. He knew that Ken would like to make friends with him, and he didn't feel anything before. But today he felt that Ken was very noisy.

He was somehow upset as he saw Ken bow to Nicole.

"Never mind. I'm young and single. It's okay. Sister, could you give me your address? I'll pick up your son for you."

If he does not leave again, I am afraid that Kerr will sell him, wen group daughter, he secretly looked, that face he is not compliment.

After Ken left, the atmosphere in the ward suddenly became quiet. Nicole looked at Kerr with a little embarrassment.

"Although you sent me here, it was you who injured me. I don't need to thank you."

Nicole was not an unreasonable woman. She just had a weird feeling towards Kerr. Her mind told her to stay away from him. But it seemed that the more she escaped from Kerr, the more connected she was with him.

"You can consider my suggestion carefully."

In the eyes of Kerr, although Nicole was capable, she was not able to take care of her child alone. She needed a man who could help her take care of her mother.

This man was the best and most suitable man for this man, except for Ning Jay's father.

"You flatter me too much, Mr. Gu, your exalted identity is beyond my reach."

Without any hesitation, she directly refused Kerr.

Before Kerr could say anything, a nurse came in with the medicine.

"Mr. Jack, we have to give Miss Ning an infusion to prevent her wound from inflamed."

The head nurse tried her best to keep calm when she saw the anger on Kerr's face.

With a nod, he stood up and made way for the head nurse.

"No, thanks. I'll get better after taking some medicine."

Watching the nurse approaching her, she retreated to the foot of the bed, her eyes filled with deep fear.

She had been afraid of injection since childhood. Since she had a memory, she had been inexplicably afraid of it. In Manhattan, she had a high fever of 39 degree. She struggled to stop having an injection.

At last, she was caught by Baron and Jay to the hospital for an injection. She fainted as soon as she saw the needle.

"Don't worry, Miss Ning. You will be discharged tomorrow after a day's infusion. It will recover faster than taking medicine."

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