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   Chapter 3 The Reunion After Seven Years

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During the car ride, Baron laughed and joked constantly, which made Nicole feel more at ease. The company she was going to work at here had found her a place to stay. Baron came over to the airport to pick Nicole and Jay up. On top of that, he even accompanied them to the supermarket so that they could buy some necessities. Afterwards, Baron gave Nicole a meaningful look.

"You know what? I remember telling you that as long as I was in the Fang Group, I could easily get you a job. I don't understand why you'd go to the Gu Group. Don't you know what a terrible person Kerr Gu is?" he remarked, half serious and half teasing.

"Come on! If I did that, you'd constantly use me as your fake girlfriend."

Nicole teased with a smile as she pushed the shopping cart along the aisles.

"Besides, isn't it time that you found yourself a girlfriend? Filling in those shoes is getting a bit tedious for me already," she added.

'Well, if you're getting tired, maybe you'd like to act as my real girlfriend instead...'

Baron thought in his heart. There was not enough courage inside of him to tell Nicole how he truly felt. He hated himself for his cowardice. With a bitter smile, he quickly caught up with Nicole.

After getting to their new home, Nicole and Jay felt tired, and so they went straight to bed. The next morning, she contacted the headmaster of Jay's new school to let them know that they had arrived. With a pleased tone, the headmaster said that one of their best teachers would drop by her house to come pick Jay up. When they found out that such a talented child was going to enroll at their school, they laughed so happily.

Nicole was a little worried about how her son was going to do in a new place, but he was so mature for his age! He was even helping Nicole do a little tidying up.

"Mom, you'd better worry about yourself rather than me. Today is your first day to work. You should do your job well. I don't want to starve to death!"

"You naughty boy!"

Nicole laughed as she stared down at the little boy. When Jay got picked up for school, Nicole took a taxi to the Gu Group. Upon arriving, Nicole couldn't help but think that the infamous president of this company had good taste. The whole floor was made out of glass, making it look so simple yet elegant. There was only one problem...

'How am I going to walk on this!?'

Nicole looked at her 8 cm high heels helplessly. She secretly admired those women in front of her who were walking over the floor as fast as flying. She gritted her teeth and took a determined step forward. Just as she made her first step, she slipped on the slick floor.

'Damn it! This really had to happen to me on my first day of work!?'

There was no helping it now. Nicole tightly closed her eyes and braced for the fall. But the next second, a pair of powerful arms held onto her.

Peering open her eyes slightly, Nicole felt that the man looked slightly familiar...

As soon as she raised her head, she saw his deep and cold face. It was like he was perfect sculpture carved by an adept craftsman. As she tried to think about where she saw this man before, the man carefully released her. He saw the way she was staring at his face, and raised an eyebrow at her.

"Are you done staring?"

'Shit! What am I doing!' Nicole fumbled. Standing straight up, she straightened out her clothes and put on an elegant smile.

"Thank you, sir."

'Huh... This woman was able to compose herself so quickly.'

Squinting his eyes, he had a feeling that he had seen this woman before. With a f

rown, he turned around to his assistant.

"Who is she?"

he asked in a low voice.

"Mr. Gu, this is Miss Nicole. She just graduated from Manhattan University last month. She is the director hired from abroad."

The assistant's words obviously surprised both of them. Kerr just raised his eyebrows slightly, and Nicole almost opened her mouth in shock.

No way. It was her first day at work and she got embarrassed like this in front of the legendary Kerr Gu!

Thinking of what her son said to her, she was so sad that she almost cried out. 'Jay, it seemed that your mother could not keep her job for more than a minute!'

As expected, Kerr looked at her up and down with a mocking expression.

"The director?" he scoffed indifferently.

There was a trace of disdain in the man's words. Nicole gritted her teeth. "I can prove to you I'm worthy of the job, Mr. Gu.

Everyone has two sides. I acknowledge that my clumsiness must have left a bad first impression on you. But I believe you are a sensible enough person who can distinguish talent when he sees one. I don't think the way I entered this building on my first day says a lot about my work ethics."

This woman, was actually quite eloquent! Kerr shrugged.

"I hope you can live up to your words, Miss Nicole."

After leaving these words, Kerr strode into the company without looking back. Nicole was surprised. With another careful step, Nicole was able to walk smoothly on the floor and headed inside with confidence.

She didn't know why, but the moment she saw Kerr, her heart started to beat faster. There was a strange, nostalgic feeling inside of her. But, since she was the director, she had a lot of work to do and was occupied by all kinds of reports and contracts. There wasn't any time to think about anything else for the moment.

Although Nicole was a person with a big personality, she had a way of getting things done unequivocally. In a single morning, she had a clear understanding of all the business of the Market Department she was in charge of. She held a meeting with all the staff, and left a deep impression on them. Very soon, the whole Gu Group knew all about the beautiful and tenacious Market Department's director.

In this way, Nicole had gained respect and a firm foothold in the Gu Group. She was so lucky that she met a big cooperation plan, not long after she took office. She was decisive in business and successfully won a good deal in her first month, which made everyone in the company admire her. Even Kerr was impressed. For the first time ever, Kerr booked a hotel to hold a company party in her honor.

Amidst all the extravagance and success and words of praise, Nicole felt a bit depressed.

Long time ago, when her father was still alive, their company was prosperous. At that time, as the eldest daughter of the Ning family, Nicole often engaged with a lot of people during social events with a smile, much like what she was doing now. But instead of having her father beside her, there was Kerr.

After dinner, the band in the hotel played the music, and the company's senior executives were dancing in the dance floor. Seeing this, Nicole rubbed her sore temples and sighed.

Everyone was so excited for this party. Nicole had to keep her enthusiasm up, especially since this party was held in her honor. Aside from her, Kerr couldn't maintain a high level of energy. She secretly glanced at Kerr who stood beside her with a gloomy face. With a deep breath, she took the initiative and held out her hand. "Would you like to dance?"

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